Kritarchs Still Trying To Make Deportation Impossible
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As Michelle Malkin used to note, "It ain't over 'til the alien wins."  Illegal aliens and their supporters almost always seem to win their court battles. Take DACA, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. It's been ruled illegal several times [Federal judge again declares that DACA is illegal, NPR, September 14, 2023].

Yet, I have not heard of any illegal aliens being deported who qualified for DACA. Status. The bureaucrats at DHS are too afraid to touch it.

There was always a calculation by the Left that once a person is in the country illegally, then it is very hard to deport them. It's not that difficult to make it into the United States. However, deportation involves housing, transportation and especially expensive courts. Hence, tie it up in court, and even if the feds are able to deport one illegal alien, it allows time for a whole lot more illegal aliens to come in and/or avoid deportation.

So, I'm not surprised to see this little headline: Biden Considering Granting Amnesty, Handing Out Green Cards To Illegal Immigrants: REPORT, by Jake Smith, Daily Caller, March 26, 2024.

The plan would grant migrants who have been in the country for more than 10 years access to the cancellation of removal program provided that they have relatives who would suffer if they were deported, according to Politico...

In a way, this has already been going on, but the administration is formally seeking to codify it, and give green cards to those who avoided deportation. I say that it has already been going on because Immigration Judges often refuse to deport an illegal alien based on the harm to a U.S. citizen child. The child is often only a citizen due to a misinterpretation of the 14th Amendment. (Another reason to end birthright citizenship.) Here's another circumstance where our “conservative” Supreme Court once again sided with an illegal alien [Supreme Court Rules for Immigrant in Case on Deportation Hardship Waiver, by Adam Liptak, NYT, March 19, 2024]. In this case, an illegal alien from Trinidad and Tobago avoided deportation by having a U.S. citizen child (no word on the legal status of the mother) so he could care for the kid. It's yet another circumstance where the alien wins.

I liked Justice Alito's dissent from the ruling, where he said that the "exception" the Court was reading into the law makes no sense:

“Such a reading of the immigration laws, he wrote, “would be the equivalent of a City Council adopting an ordinance banning all dogs from a park with an exception for all dogs that weigh under 125 pounds. Or the council passes an ordinance prohibiting all persons from riding a bicycle without a helmet but then adopts an exception for all persons under the age of 90.”

The courts are the enemy of immigration enforcement. (For that matter, the enemy of conservatives in general. Look at the lawfare going on against one side and one side only.)

In the meantime, the Left is upset that there was once another big meanie Republican who deported a bunch of illegal aliens. His name was Herbert Hoover, and his guys didn't worry about birthright citizenship or courts [The president who deported 1 million Mexican Americans nearly a century ago, by Diane Bernard, Washington Post, February 21, 2024].

They just put them on a train and sent them back to Mexico ... deep into Mexico. Good luck trying that today.


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