Israel's March Deportations: As If America Had Deported 277,000 illegals!
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Israelis protest illegal immigration. H/T Aritz Sheva

The Israelis (predictably) are not flinching in their determination to protect their citizens from immivasion:
Since the new policy’s initiation, 3,988 migrants have left the country, including 1,510 in March alone.

Report: Migrants leaving Israel being sent to Rwanda, Uganda By YONAH JEREMY BOB, SHULAMIT WASSERSTROM The Jerusalem Post 04/04/2014

Using the conventional estimates of 60,000 “infiltrators” in Israel and 11 million illegals in America (certain to be a serious underestimate since this is the number the Treason Lobby uses) this means to match the Israelis the Feds would have had to deport 277,000 people in March.

The Obamacrats congratulate themselves on deporting 367,000 people for the entire year of 2013: and that number was more than doubled by accounting fraud as Paul Nachman recently demonstrated.

However the Israelis fell short of February’s achievement which I reported in Israeli Deportations of Illegals Hits Record: As If U.S. Deported 330,000 Last Month.

The reason for this was probably touched on in The Jerusalem Post’s story

V., an Eritrean who was living in Israel until he received payment to leave and was sent to Rwanda... told that once he landed in Rwanda, he was only given a 10-day tourist visa. That didn't matter to him, however, because he wasn't optimistic of finding work within the country anyway.
Haaretz, which is doing a commendably thorough job of following this story, amplifies
Asylum seekers have no arranged status in these countries, are not granted basic rights and, for the most part, they do not have any official documents or permits, the testimonies indicate.

They also say that they have no contact with any official representatives from Israel or the country to which they were sent after their arrival, and no one assists them or deals with their needs. Israel is sending asylum seekers to Rwanda without status, rights By Ilan Lior Apr 4, 2014

Communications amongst these people are incredibly good, usually by cell phone. Those detained in Israel are quickly learning that nothing good has been arranged for them if they leave.

However the political pressure on the Israeli Authorities to act is not diminishing. The Israel National News Service Arutz Sheva has reported Data: Infiltrators Cause Crime Rates to Skyrocket in Tel Aviv by Shimon Cohen and Tova Dvonn 4/1/2014 from the Israeli Police, which reportedly shows correlation between infiltration and crime. Sexual offenses in neighborhoods with large percentages of infiltrators are recorded to be occurring at a rate 3.5 times higher than found in the general population, violent crime 2.5 times higher than in the general population, and robbery 6 times higher than in the general population.

Residents of working-class neighborhoods in southern Tel Aviv, as well as those of other cities like Eilat, say they have been suffering from endless harassment, fear and violence perpetrated by the many illegal Eritrean and Sudanese infiltrators who enter Israel to find employment and come to live in their neighborhoods.

Exactly the same stories could of course have been written by the American national news services for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of American neighborhoods in recent years - but for some reason were not.

For enlightenment on this curious contrast, I commend Kevin MacDonald’s latest piece.

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