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The Odds Of Immigrant-Related Terrorism are HIGH! [Randall Burns ] - 11/18/04

I think Bryanna Bevens' article on potential of nuclear terrorism was a good one. However, recent odds for multiple suicide bomber attacks have been running about 20% per year (odds as of a year ago when the claim had a year left to run) whereas current odds of a nuclear attack on the U.S are about 20% over the next 6 years.


These are both odds established by a reputable betting pool.

The point here: The loosely guarded Mexican border—and the presence of large, alienated unassimilated immigrant populations—brings with it the possibility of rather substantial suicide bomber attacks(say dozens in the same day). The current betting is that is rather more likely than a nuclear attack.

Now, there is no excuse for the odds of either to be so high—except the mass pursuit of cheap labor by monied interests and the mass sale of their offices by Congress for campaign donations.

 Whither the American Spectator? [James Fulford]- 11/18/04

It's always hard to tell what kind of conservatism the American Spectator represents. One the one hand, George Neumayr published a recent article defending, on traditional grounds, the constitutional requirement that the President be born an American. It could have appeared here on VDARE.COM: "Historians note that nobody voted against the prohibition, and nobody even felt the need to articulate much of a justification for it since it was such a clearly bad idea to everyone there."

Which would seem clear to anyone except John J. Miller and Ramesh Ponnuru.

On the other hand, William Tucker has a "universal nation"  piece suggesting that America needs an influx of immigrants from those parts of the Far East that have "traditional values": China, India, Mexico [!]

It is impossible to read the Founding Fathers without coming away with the impression: "At bottom, America is an idea." Right from the start, the Founders were building a system that was so clearly based on a correct theory of human nature that it easily moved across geographic and cultural borders to embrace other peoples…

The real cultural test should be whether we can reinvigorate ourselves by encountering and embracing all the emerging civilizations in other parts of the globe. I vote for the latter. I think America's future lies in the Far East, not in Europe.


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