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New Dutch Anti-Immigration Leader Emerging/ Threatened [Peter Brimelow]- 11/19/04

It's the same thing, really, isn't it? Geert Wilders, described as "the heir to Pim Fortuyn" and about to set up his own party that polls suggest will be Holland's second-biggest, is under death threat from Muslims: "Each day, he does not know where he is going to sleep that night as he is taken from safe house to safe house in a convoy of armored cars." [Death Threats Force controversial Dutch MP underground, by Anthony Browne, London Times, November 20, 2004].

Diversity is strength!

What Is Hinojosa's Legal Status? [Joe Guzzardi]- 11/19/04

In my November 11 column regarding Maria Hinojosa, I didn't report that I met her in Atlanta during The American Resistance Foundation rally organized by D.A. King to protest the fund raising activities of the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Foundation.

Hinojosa was doing legwork for her documentary, "Immigrant Nation, Divided Country."

Kathy and Billy Inman, whose son Dustin was killed when the Inman's car was rear-ended at a stop light by illegal alien Gonzalo Herrell-Gonzales, were two of the protesters.

Kathy Inman is paralyzed for life Read their full story here: http://www.legalamericanfolks.com/

During the rally, Hinojosa slinked up to the Inmans to ask how they knew their son's killer "did not have papers."

Eavesdropping on the conversation, I heard Billy reply, "Because when the police ran his social security number, the valid holders were located in Ohio and South Carolina."

As I listened to Hinojosa in various interviews, I noticed that she constantly referred to herself as having "entered the US legally."

But one of Hinojosa's subjects in "Immigrant Nation," the glorified busboy "Gabe," also entered legally. He just never returned. [VDARE.COM NOTE: See, for example, the case of NYT Publisher A. M. Rosenthal, an illegal immigrant who was born in Canada, and was brought to the US during the Depression by his illegal immigrant father.]

Entering the US legally and being a legal resident of the US are two entirely different matters.

And while I have no knowledge regarding the particulars of Hinojosa's entry, I would certainly like to hear her complete story.

Perhaps Hinojosa can be as forthcoming about her childhood immigration status as she is about her fondness for fresh corn tortillas and tacos.

Whopandering? [A Reader]- 11/19/04

Sam Francis' column is right on the money. I have written Steve Sailer to suggest he emphasize more the reasons for the Hispanic vote for Bush, not Karl Rove's unsuccessful pandering. Here is Rep. Tom Tancredo's column on this subject, published today in the Rocky Mountain News. This is a major opening and opportunity —the actual Hispanic vote deprives the White House of the only possible justification for amnesty proposals—political necessity. Whatever the accuracy of the numbers in exit polls, it is clear that Hispanics who vote for Bush are not in the amnesty parade—and our side needs to start making this point.  The pandering that is going on is not to the Hispanic voters. It is pandering to the Mexican government.

Broadcaster Votes No on President Arnold! [Brenda Walker]- 11/19/04

Alex Jones, an Austin-based broadcaster, strongly opposes amending the Constitution so that the foreign-born may run for president, and particularly not for Mr. Schwarzenegger.

Here in California, we agree that Herr President Schwarzenegger would be a bad idea. Our new governor, elected in a recall election which ousted Gray Davis a year ago, campaigned as a reformer, but he is the same old same old corrupt hack. He has raised $26.6 million in his first year in office, double the amount that Davis amassed in the same time. While portraying himself as a friend of the people, Arnold has been Mr. Special Interest Fundraiser.

And it's not like he has done anything to solve California's problems. He has continued massive borrowing to postpone the budget reforms the state desperately needs, and next year's deficit will be nearly $7 billion.

But he's great at public events, so the press loves him.

If Arnold wanted to get a grip on California's spending chaos, he could take a chain saw to benefits illegal aliens receive in the state. Even the open-borders LA Times estimated the annual cost to be $4.6 billion annually.

The only way in which Schwarzenegger has been an improvement over Davis is that he has not caved to the constant demands of Mexican invaders for driver's licenses for illegal aliens. Not yet, at least.

As a result, Mexican officials have been downright irate that the Gubernator is not cooperating with their open-borders agenda. El Presidente Fox refers to the Gov as "Schwarzenberger."

As far as the Foreigner President Constitutional Amendment goes, it's completely reasonable to retain the White House for home-born citizens only, particularly since all other American privileges are available to naturalized immigrants.

Of course, we have many fine citizens of foreign birth. But the top job should go to an American-American.

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