Trump Promises To Abolish Birthright Citizenship, To Usual Shock, Horror (Your Move, DeSantis!)
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Donald Trump’s campaign has come out with a promise to abolish birthright citizenship.

Breitbart reports:

Former President Donald Trump, the GOP frontrunner for president in 2024, rolled out a new policy pledge on Tuesday in which he promised if elected he would sign an executive order on day one of his second term in office effectively ending birthright citizenship for illegal aliens and so-called “birth tourism.”

The policy proposal, contained in one of his Agenda 47 videos his campaign released, was obtained exclusively by Breitbart News ahead of its public release.

“As part of my plan to secure the border, on day one of my new term in office I will sign an executive order making clear to federal agencies that under the correct interpretation of the law going forward the future children of illegal aliens will not receive automatic U.S. citizenship,” Trump says in the slightly more than three-minute-long video.

Trump argues that birthright citizenship for children of illegal aliens serves as a “magnet” and an “incentive” for future prospective migrants to attempt to enter the country illegally

We commented:

Abolition of birthright citizenship would help fight the "Electing A New People" factor of illegal immigration. The Atlantic’s Ronald Brownstein points out that (a) abolition of birthright citizenship was in the 1996 Republican Platform ["We support a constitutional amendment or constitutionally-valid legislation declaring that children born in the United States of parents who are not legally present in the United States or who are not long-term residents are not automatically citizens."] and (b) Bob Dole rejected it.

We pointed out that (c)

We’ve been writing about this issue for years—see Weigh Anchor! Enforce the Citizenship Clause, August 31, 2001.

See also our articles tagged Birthright Citizenship Reform, and some of my own writings on the subject:

 Yes, I know Trump may not keep this promise. He promised it when he was in office, and then kept letting himself be talked out of it. My view is that if he had kept this and other promises, he would have clearly won the 2020 election.

Maybe he realizes that too.


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