VDARE.COM TOLD YOU SO DEPARTMENT: Sailer Strategy in NYT, Birthright Citizenship in SLATE
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Two new stories for our "I told you so" file, in which what VDARE.com has been saying for years becomes the conventional wisdom—generally without crediting us.

Case One: The Sailer Strategy in the NEW YORK TIMES.

Hispanic Voters Are Important for Republicans, but Not Indispensable, By Nate Cohn, NYT, November 20, 2014

President Obama’s plan to defer deportation and grant work permits for up to five million undocumented migrants is having two utterly predictable results: outrage from congressional Republicans, and speculation about how the politics will play in 2016.

The country’s growing Hispanic population was widely credited with tipping Mr. Obama’s re-election in 2012. Just about every post-2012 analysis found that the Republicans needed to do better among Hispanic voters in 2016. Whether politicians agree with that assessment might shape their reaction to Mr. Obama’s decision, and might even underlie Mr. Obama’s decision itself.

Yet a close look at demographic data and recent election results suggest that the Republicans do not necessarily need significant gains among Hispanic voters to win the presidency. [More]

See earlier—much earlier—GOP Future Depends on Winning Larger Share of the White Vote, by Steve Sailer, VDARE.com, November 28, 2000. This analysis—that Hispanic votes are both unavailable and irrelevant to Republican  victories—was condemned by the NYT  five years ago (The Nativists are Restless, January 31, 2009) when it was presented by Pat Buchanan at an American Cause press conference.

Now it is featuring it on its home page.

Case Two: Birthright citizenship in Slate.

Slate Magazine does not feature the insane, perfervid, drooling Social Justice Warriors that that Salon does. Its staff members are  more like the professional, literate, very nearly sane Social Justice Warriors of institutions like  the New Yorker, where Slate editor Jacob Weisberg used to work. Still, it rarely has more than one or two people at a time working for it who actually know what's going on, and sometimes it makes them apologize for knowing it. (See  Saletan's Scuttle And The Curse Of Jacob Weisberg.)

But Slate's MSM status is why it's so surprising to see a call, by Slate columnist Reihan Salan, for America to end birthright citizenship. Some excerpts—links, in original, are to "respectable" sources:

There was something else the president left out of his announcement, though. As we bring large numbers of unauthorized immigrants in from the shadows, so to speak, we must confront a few important facts. Unauthorized immigrants are, with very few exceptions, heartbreakingly poor. They tend to have extremely low levels of educational attainment, and workers with limited skills have been taking a beating in the U.S. labor market for decades. All the available evidence suggests that giving unauthorized immigrants the legal right to work in the U.S. will increase their wages, but not by much. And the children of less-skilled immigrants tend to have poor educational and labor market outcomes—indeed, there is some evidence that is true for the grandchildren of less-skilled immigrants, too.


To demonstrate our seriousness on this front, we should take a step that countries like Australia, Britain, France, Ireland, and New Zealand have already taken: We should end automatic birthright citizenship. If it is wrong to tear families apart by deporting the parents of U.S. citizens—and it really is wrong, in case you were wondering—we ought to establish that only the children of those who are living in the United States as citizens or lawful permanent residents will be granted citizenship at birth.

Instead of inviting future waves of unauthorized immigrants by, among other things, allowing birthright citizenship to stand, we should ensure that the less-skilled immigrants who already live among us don’t become part of a permanent American underclass. The only way to achieve this goal will be to commit vast resources to upgrading their skills and those of their children, and yes, that will almost certainly mean higher taxes.

A Better Solution to America’s Immigration Problem |End birthright citizenship, November 21, 2014
See earlier—much earlier, as I said above—Weigh Anchor! Enforce the Citizenship Clause,   VDARE.com, August 31, 2001, or see, more recently, my own article Before Any “Immigration Reform”, GOP Should Insist On Ending Birthright Citizenship—Now!, November 18, 2014.

Neither SLATE or the NYT  credits us, but we were there first.

The question is, what are we saying now that the MSM will eventually acknowledge. Impeachment?

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