First "Caravan" Baby Born In US—End Birthright Citizenship Now!
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Caravan Woman Gives Birth to First Anchor Baby in U.S., Posted on December 5, 2018

A pregnant woman who spent weeks traveling with a caravan of migrants gave birth in San Diego after crossing illegally to the United States to seek asylum.

Maryuri was more than seven months pregnant when she left Honduras with her husband, Miguel, and their three-year-old son. The family spent weeks traveling north on foot and by bus until they arrived in Tijuana.

“He was born here in San Diego,” Maryuri said, holding her eight-day-old daughter, a US citizen by birth, in an interview with Telemundo 20.

The already difficult journey to reach the United States became even more complicated for the family due to Maryuri’s pregnancy.

After spending time in a Tijuana shelter, the couple said they did not feel safe, surrounded by some Mexicans who were hostile to their presence and decided to cross the border illegally.[More ]

That's auto-translated from Nace bebé de familia migrante en Estados Unidos,, December 4, 2018.

This situation is a lot llke the situation I used as a hypothesis in column called Children of an Invading Army that an invading army enters the United States, wearing uniforms and carrying arms, and behaving exactly like an army, but bringing their wives.

This is what the European armies of the early nineteenth century did, during the Napoleonic Wars, after all. Women frequently gave birth in foreign countries. [Pictured right, the first Sharpe book, now a TV series.]

If this hypothetical invading army stayed long enough to have children, would the enemy soldiers' sons and daughters be American citizens?

Would those children have the right to return to the US, years later, and sponsor their soldier fathers, who would presumably have been expelled in this hypothetical war?

The idea is ridiculous.

However, it happens today that the illegal immigrant population is larger than an invading army. And the American-born children of that invading army are automatically citizens today—under what is merely an interpretation of the Fourteenth Amendment.

The illegals in the Caravan actually  did, as James Kirkpatrick put it, look more like "column of an invading army, with almost 14,000 people" than a caravan or pilgrimage.

Maybe any "immigrant detention" camps should be constructed either in Guantanamo, or on Mexican soil to prevent this.

But the simplest thing to do would be to stop calling babies born to illegals citizens, and it won't take a Constitutional Amendment—Obama showed that you can do a lot with an Executive Order.

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