TRAITOR'S HEART Author Rian Malan Shocked, Shocked, To Learn That Racist Black Majority Rule In South Africa Is Bad, Actually
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This Tweet by Wesley Yang is about a man named Rian Malan, who back in the days of apartheid worked against his own country and people to bring black rule:

Rian Malan, an old stock Afrikaner whose Huguenot roots in South Africa go back to 1688, is the author of My Traitor's Heart, which is about how he betrayed his fellow Afrikaners—his nation, I suppose you'd have to say, rather than his country, which is still there under black rule.

Wall Street Journal editor Elliot Kaufman on Twitter doesn't, of course, think that the "equity" idea in South Africa (a form of CRT, or racial socialism) is a "beautiful idea"—that's what Malan is satirically calling it.

It's not a "beautiful idea". It never was.

Malan's thesis is roughly the same as that published by recently [South Africa–The First Country Built on “Critical Race Theory”–Officially Implodes, July 16, 2021].

The guys at are neither  part of the "liberal consensus" nor "Murdoch's shouters"—they, like us, are too "based" to be allowed on Fox News.

Instead of asking guys like Malan, who actually caused the problem,  "What's wrong with South Africa?" why not check with American conservatives like Peter Brimelow, who back in the day were opposing Mandela's takeover plan, and opposing "sanctions" on white South Africa?

The late Sam Francis, for example, would have been totally unsurprised by this. It's not only what he predicted in the dim past before Mandela took over, it's something he said might happen to the US:

 Here's an interview with Peter Brimelow in 1987, while South Africa was still white ruled. The accompanying text is

After visiting the country himself, Peter discusses sanctions in South Africa to end apartheid.  Congressman Sander Levin is happy with the United States' decision to place sanctions on South Africa.  Peter sees more investment from the West as the only way to rebuild the country's economy, which is mainly bolstered by whites.

When Nicholas Kristof reported himself "depressed" in 2005 by the sad state of Zimbabwe (formerly the prosperous little country of Rhodesia) especially the part about local black residents wishing they had white rule—and prosperity—back, I said he shouldn't feel depressed, he should feel guilty.

I asked

Wouldn't this be good time for Kristof to say that he was sorry for what the United States, and the New York Times, did to destroy Rhodesia, and cause the exodus of most of the white population, and the murder of many remaining  white farmers?

Joan Baez admitted she was wrong over Vietnam in 1977, Eugene Genovese apologized for his support of Stalinism. Why can't liberals apologize for what they did to Africa?

Is Malan going to apologize for  helping to overthrown the old, white government?



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