First, They Came For South Africa.  Then….
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You don't hear much about South Africa these days, unless it's about all the trouble that country's white people are causing—or whatever white people remain there.

Since the "apartheid system" was dismantled in 1994 and a "black majority democracy" "liberated" the country, more and more whites leave—mainly because so many have been murdered by black criminals whom the government of the "black majority democracy" refuses or is simply unable to control.

The most recent report about South Africa in what in this country is often called the "mainstream media" is a story about "white extremists" accused of plotting to overthrow the government or in one case to blow up a dam or set off bombs in downtown Johannesburg.

According to The Economist, a dozen men have been arrested for such offenses, but the magazine, which is about as "mainstream" as you can get in this country or Great Britain, dismisses what it calls the "deluded right-wing conspirators" as "paper tigers."

But in the media that is not so mainstream, at least in this part of the world, you hear somewhat different stories about South Africa. Thus, The Independent of South Africa on Saturday reported last week that a new study published in the South Africa Crime Quarterly, a law enforcement journal, finds that South Africans are more likely to be shot dead than to die in vehicle crashes. "An average of 55 South Africans are ... murdered every day," the paper reports, "more than in many countries which are at war." At 55 murders per day, the total number of murders per year is about 20,000, compared to about 16,000 for the United States. The latter, of course, has more than six times the population of South Africa.

A few years ago, South Africa's murder rate was said to be among the highest in the world, if not the highest. But the new "black majority democracy" banned the reporting of crime statistics because it discouraged foreign investment, so today no one really knows. In 1999 the Wall Street Journal called the level of violent crime in South Africa "astronomical," with some 24,500 murders and a per capita murder rate (26 per hundred thousand) four times that of the United States. Even The Economist allows that "right-wing terrorism" is fed by whites' fear of black violence and the government's refusal to control it.

The New York Times in 1998 reported that some 500 white farmers had been murdered since 1994, and last summer World Net Daily reported that 1,200 have been murdered since that year, with some 6,000 attacks against white farmers. "It's politically correct to kill whites these days," one white farmer told World Net Daily's correspondent, who concluded that "the white Boer Afrikaner farmer is easily the highest at-risk group for murder on Earth."

It's hardly surprising therefore that South Africa's foreign minister last week urged Western states to stop grousing about Zimbabwe, where government-backed black mobs have so far killed only a handful of white farmers but where the government itself has seized the land of some 3,000 whites.

Whatever criticisms the West has made of Zimbabwe could just as easily be applied to South Africa itself, so it makes sense for the black-ruled states to stick together.

It also makes sense for white-ruled states to stick together, but they don't. It's precisely because of what the United States, Western Europe, Great Britain and the Soviet Union did in the 1970s through the 1980s that whites in southern Africa today face the loss of their land, their livelihoods, their freedoms, and their lives.

The whites—and blacks, for that matter—of southern Africa were not delivered to tyranny and destruction by blacks but by other whites.

"The radical blacks hate us," the white South African farmer told World Net Daily last summer, "because we are strong, blonde, hard-working and productive. We came to South Africa and turned it into the richest country in the world, while before we came the locals had been here for many centuries and did nothing with the land."

The wife of yet another white farmer told the same reporter, "The farm invasion problem is not confined to South Africa. Look at Zimbabwe. Look at the call for white Australians to give their land back to the Aborigines. Look at the problems on the border with Mexico and the United States and the massive Third World immigration in Europe. European Western civilization is totally under siege by the New World Order elite."

What she says explains why so many whites are leaving the new democracies of southern Africa and why those who can't get out might be tempted to turn to terrorism.

If a South African housewife understands the big picture of which her country is a small part, why don't the leaders of the countries that betrayed their own people and civilization?

[A selection of Sam Francis' columns, America Extinguished: Mass Immigration And The Disintegration Of American Culture, is now available from Americans For Immigration Control.]


November 25, 2002

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