Surprise, Surprise, Hispanic “Republican” Maria Elvira Salazar Voted In Favor Of The January 6th Commission
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I do not like being the guy that says “I told you so” but I feel obligated to do it on this occasion.

I previously warned VDARE readers about Maria Elvira Salazar (R-FL) and how she will be propped up by Stupid Party Inc as one of its affirmative action candidates. In my post, I made it clear that Salazar’s  current voting record on issues ranging from gun control to immigration shows she’s no friend of whites.

Well, Salazar has shown her true colors yet again after she joined 34 other Republicans in voting for the establishment of a commission to investigate the January 6th protests [Two Miami Republicans break rank, vote with Democrats to investigate Jan. 6 riot, by Samantha J. Gross, Miami Herald, May 19, 2021].

What was a normal protest, with a few goof balls here and there, has been labeled as an “insurrection” by the chattering classes.  Unless the definition of the word insurrection changed in my sleep, January 6, was nothing more than a live action role play. But to America’s pathetic ruling class, this incident has been likened to the attacks on Pearl Harbor and the Twin Towers, while the Black Lives Matter saturnalia of 2020 was deemed as “mostly peaceful” protests [It’s a Travesty to Compare the Capitol Siege to 9/11, by Debra Burlingame, Wall Street Journal, May 27, 2021].

Such hysterical takes further validate Peter Brimelow’s assertion that the Democrats have tipped, because only a party dominated by emotional histrionics can reach such ludicrous conclusions.

But I digress. Salazar’s recent vote to throw patriotic Americans under the bus shows that she is willing to side with the Uniparty. Affirmative action candidates like Salazar may be diverse in terms of backgrounds, but behave like a hive mind on matters concerning the national question

The GOP is not sending its best representatives to DC. If a non-white advocates for VDARE’s sensible recommendation of an immigration moratorium, I’ll gladly support them. But as a non-white who has a sober grasp of reality, I understand that most non-whites cannot be trusted to defend whites, let alone promote policies that benefit Euro-Americans.

GOP leadership can’t be counted on to get the memo on their own volition, but a tireless nationalist base can remind them that betraying the Historic American Nation will carry a massive political cost. A good place to start is by discrediting Maria Elvira Salazar and the cowardly Republicans who joined her in throwing patriots Americans under the bus.


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