Phony Refugee Omar Ameen Claims He'll Be Executed If He's Sent Back To Iraq—Probably Because He's A Murderer
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Remember Omar Ameen? He settled in Sacramento, California, after claiming to be a refugee from Iraq. Iraq says that he was an ISIS murderer. Iraq requested that Ameen be extradited back to Iraq. I blogged about under the title: Muslim Refugee From "War-Torn" Iraq Turns Out—Again—To Be One Of The Warriors
Now, Ameen's lawyers say he will face execution in Iraq if he is extradited there [Sacramento ISIS suspect faces certain execution if sent back to Iraq, lawyers argue, By Sam Stanton, October 11, 2018]. Could be. Hopefully, our government will proceed to ship him back to face the consequences for his actions. 
More important, however, is that the refugee flow from war-torn countries stops. The U.S. cannot vet them. Omar Ameen is proof of that.
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