Muslim Refugee From "War-Torn" Iraq Turns Out—Again—To Be One Of The Warriors
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President Trump gets it right. Limit refugees.
A suspected ISIS member was arrested in Sacramento County on Wednesday. His name is Omar Abdalsattar Ameen, age 45. He came to the US as a refugee from Iraq in 2014.[Suspected ISIS member arrested in Sacramento County, allegedly committed ‘most heinous crimes’, By Sam Stanton, Darrell Smith And Julia Sclafani, Sacramento Bee, August 15, 201]
He lied about his past according to news reports and, of course, verifying identity from war-torn countries remains difficult.  Iraq is off the travel ban list as the country is cooperating with the US. Nevertheless, Ameen was admitted in 2014 under the Obama Administration.
Reading the accounts of Ameen's alleged crimes is horrifying and troubling. He lived in a densely populated neighborhood just north of Sacramento. Many of Ameen's neighbors are from Iraq and a number of his relatives live in the US also. What does our government know about them?
The Trump Administration was right to implement a travel ban and to limit the number of refugees admitted to our country. On many levels, accepting those from war-torn countries makes no sense.
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