Has Stephen Miller Been Reading VDARE.Com?
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If you haven’t watched the press conference of Senior Policy Advisor Stephen Miller, explaining the RAISE Act, you need to watch it. And not just the short segment where Miller tangles with Jim Acosta, I mean the whole thing. Click here to view it and here to see the text.

After viewing Miller’s masterful performance, I have to ask—Has Stephen Miller been reading VDARE.COM?

Because the topics Miller discusses in the press conference sound as though they are lifted right out of the pages of VDARE.COM.

So either Stephen Miller has been reading VDARE.COM or he’s been reading or discussing these issues with people who think like those of us at VDARE.COM. Whatever the case, it shows that our ideas are getting into the mainstream.

Consider what Miller discusses at the press conference:

Miller’s Understanding Of The Problems

  • There are a million green cards issued annually and yet these green cards are issued “without regard to whether that applicant has demonstrated the skill that can add to the U.S. economy, whether they can pay their own way or be reliant on welfare, or whether they’ll displace or take a job from an American worker.”
  • The result is “…significant reductions in wages for blue collar workers, massive displacement of African American and Hispanic workers, as well as the displacement of immigrant workers from previous years who oftentimes compete directly against new arrivals who are being paid even less.”
  • Our current policy has “exacerbated wealth inequality in the country in a pretty significant way.”
  • “So you’ve seen over time, as a result of this historic flow of unskilled immigration, a shift in wealth from the working class to wealthier corporations and businesses. And it's been very unfair for American workers, but especially for immigrant workers, African American workers, and Hispanic workers, and blue collar workers in general across the country.”
  • “How is it fair or right or proper that if, say, you open up a new business in Detroit, that the unemployed workers of Detroit are going to have to compete against an endless flow of unskilled workers for the exact same jobs, reducing pay for those positions, and reducing their chance of getting those jobs while, at the same time, ultra-high-skilled workers are in the back of the line to get into the country?”
  • “Maybe it's time we had compassion, Glenn, for American workers.”
  • Quantity - “The numbers are too large, and the numbers of low-skilled workers in particular is a major detriment to U.S. workers.”
  • Welfare and Immigration- “…it has cost taxpayers enormously because roughly half of immigrant head of households in the United States receive some type of welfare benefit—which I know is a fact that many people might consider astonishing, but it’s not surprising when you have an immigration system that doesn’t look at questions like skill level or self-sufficiency.”
  • Chain Migration (which Miller explains)—“…the individuals right now who are receiving green cards, they can bring in, say, an elderly relative who could immediately go on to public assistance if they become unable to support themselves financially. And then that person can bring in a relative who can bring in a relative who can bring in a relative, and that’s why they call it chain migration. And over years, that has massively de-skilled the migrant flow into America and produced all of those effects I’m talking about.”
The Proposed Changes

Miller discusses the changes which are part of the RAISE Act legislative proposal :

  • Elimination of chain migration. “So we’re proposing to limit family-based migration to spouses and minor children.”
  • A points-based entry system in which points are given for being able to speak English, being able to “support themselves and their families financially”, having “a skill that will add to the U.S. economy”, “being paid a high wage”.
  • This new system would put “the needs of the working class ahead of the investor class.”
A National Conversation—Actually Discussing These Issues

Miller said that “The more that we as a country have a national conversation about what kind of immigration system we want and to whom we want to give green cards to, the more unstoppable the momentum for something like this becomes…. you’re going to see massive public support for this.”

No Labor Shortage

“If you look at—first of all, if you look at the premise, Glenn, of bringing in low-skilled labor, it's based on the idea that there's a labor shortage for lower-skilled jobs. There isn't. The number of people living in the United States in the working ages who aren't working today is at a record high.”

Cheap Labor Profiteers

“…the reason why some companies want to bring in more unskilled labor is because they know that it drives down wages and reduces labor costs.”

Higher Wages

Miller is actually asked “Is it better for this country to have more jobs or higher wages and higher productivity for Americans?” Miller’s answer: “Well, I think at the end of the day, President Trump has been clear that he is a pro-high-wage President. He ran as a pro-high-wage candidate, and that's what this policy will accomplish.”

World Population

“Look, there’s 7 billion people in the world, and so the question of who gets that golden ticket needs to be a discerning process that makes sense.”

African-American Employment

“…immigration policy, both legal and illegal, over the last several decades has had a deleterious impact on African American employment in general, and certainly African American males that has been quite tragic. And we, as a country, have to have a conversation about that.”

Public Support

“Public support is so immense on this—if you just look at the polling data in many key battleground states across the country—that over time you're going to see massive public push for this kind of legislation.”

Immigration Is Related To Everything

“Because immigration affects every aspect of our lives. It affects our schools, our hospitals, our working conditions, our labor market, our tax base, our communities, and it's a deeply personal issue for Americans.”


“…you have automation that is replacing a lot of jobs in the United States…”


When asked about statistics, Miller refers to George Borjas, Peter Kirsanow of the U.S. Civil Rights Commission and Steve Camarota at the Center for Immigration Studies. When the reporter brings up the National Academies of Sciences, Miller is already ready, quoting a figure from the group himself.

Statue Of Liberty

Miller was not sidelined by Jim Acosta’s rant, and was able to explain the true significance of the Statue of Liberty and how the Emma Lazarus poem was added to the base later.

Ebb And Flow

Miller explained how immigration levels have risen and fallen through the years.

Putting Congress On The Spot

“…members of Congress will have a choice to make. They can either vote with the interests of U.S. citizens and U.S. workers, or they can vote against their interests…”

Government Accountable To Our Own People

“Our question as a government is, to whom is our duty? Our duty is to U.S. citizens and U.S. workers to promote rising wages for them.”


And there you have it readers. The information and ideas shared on the internet by VDARE.COM are getting into the mainstream and are in a position to actually shape public policy.

But it’s not time to rest on our laurels. If you agree with the RAISE Act, start hounding your senators and representatives, and start educating the public.

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