Whites a Minority in 2017 Harvard Freshman Class
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From Circa:

For the first time, Harvard’s incoming class has a majority of nonwhite students

By Camila DeChalus

For the first time in Harvard University’s history, the majority of students accepted into the incoming freshman class are nonwhite.

Harvard’s college admission and financial aid website posted statistics about the incoming freshman Class of 2021 this week. 50.8 percent are from minority groups, including African Americans, Hispanics, Asian Americans, Native Americans, and Native Hawaiians. That’s up from 47.3 percent last year.

Of the 2,038 students admitted to the university, 14.6 percent identify as African American

The term “African American” is used pretty loosely here, since a very large fraction of Harvard’s admits are Barack Obama-types who are not descended from anybody who was a slave in the United States of America. (Another large fraction of Harvard’s “African-Americans” have a white parent.)

There’s an interesting reverse normal probability distribution thing that goes on at the superschools like Harvard and Stanford. Normally, you’d think there would be fewer blacks at the most competitive admission schools due to normal Bell Curve reasons. But with their vast endowments, the Harvards and Stanfords can afford to compete ferociously to one up each other in having the most blacks. Second tier private colleges with fewer billions in their endowments seldom come close to being 14.6% black.

22.2 percent identify as Asian American, 11.6 percent identify as Hispanic or Latino and 2.5 percent identify as Native American.

The news comes days after The New York Times reported that the Trump administration is seeking to curtail affirmative action policies in university admissions.

So now that whites are a minority at Harvard will they be treated like a minority? Don’t count on it. They will remain the Legacy Majority for roughly ever, as can be seen in the huge growth in media attention during the Late Obama Age Collapse over incidents of white racism generations ago. For example, in Taki’s Magazine this week, I review the acclaimed movie Detroit about how on the third night of the immense black riot in Detroit in 1967, a white cop did something so racist that it ripped through the laws of time and space to cause the riot to start several days earlier.

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