GOP Senators Who Voted To Betray Trump Also Traitors On Immigration
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Here we go again: Six GOP senators vote that Trump impeachment trial is constitutional and can proceed, by Thomas Barrabi,  Fox News February 9th 2021.

The Senate agreed to consider the case against Trump by a 56-44 vote following hours of arguments by the former president’s legal team and House impeachment managers. A total of six Republicans – Sens. Susan Collins of Maine, Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Mitt Romney of Utah, Ben Sasse of Nebraska, and Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania – sided with Democrats in calling for the trial to proceed.

What is grandly called “impeachment” is of course simply an attempt to lynch President Trump for having won the 2016 election and for being demonstrably more popular than anyone else with the hated Flyovers.

In Immigration Traitors Are Party Traitors (And GOP Minority Outreach Is Disastrous!) I took a look at the immigration record of the GOP Congresscritters who voted to give the Democrats veto power over Republican House organization and to muzzle a fellow Republican, Marjorie Taylor Greene.

I found that these were usually the worst on immigration in their Delegations. Also that a disturbing number were the beneficiaries of GOP Minority Outreach.

So I took a look at these six Senators, using the Numbers USA Recent (2019-2021) data.




NumbersUSA rating


Susan Collins



Only ME “Republican”

Bill Cassidy



LA GOP’s worst

Lisa Murkowski



AK GOP’s worst

Mitt Romney



UT GOP’s worst—a full 2 grades below the next worst

Ben Sasse



GOP’s 2nd worst of 5

Patrick Toomey  



GOP’s equal worst

Senator Sasse's relatively good grade is a surprise. He has long been vociferously anti-Trump and started poorly on immigration. Sadly, his Senatorial colleague Deb Fischer, who started well, celebrated her 2018 reelection by to dropping to D- from a career ranking of A-. Looks like Big Ag has gotten to her.

Overall though, the pattern is clear. Immigration Traitors tend to be Party traitors.

Also, the Senate is choked with scum.

And that is before contemplating Mitt Romney.

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