Radio Derb Transcript Up For Feb 5: Reality Crisis, Wokelahoma, & Biden Says "Yes!" To Ivy Affirmative Action, Etc.
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The Radio Derb transcript is up for February 5. Go here to read or listen.


01m01s  Our national reality crisis.  (Gnats and camels.)

13m42s  What's the matter with Oklahoma?  (The sooner we find out, the better.)

21m16s  The war against race preferences.  (News from the front.)

26m51s  Congressgals in the news.  (Cheney, AOC, and MTG.)

39m28s  White House onomastics.  (Were there too many Sakis?)

41m31s  Small coup in Burma.  (Not many dead.)

42m39s  Knock knock knockin' on humor's door.  (The kids don't know.)

44m06s  Down with acronyms!  (SFUSDAD says they're racist.)

46m04s  What killed Officer Sicknick?  (They don't want to tell us.)

47m37s  Plant nanobionics.  (An email from your asparagus.)

48m43s  Signoff.  (The oldest social conflict.)

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