Governor Abbott, Close Gate 36!
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The border is in collapse, again. The CBP One app that was supposed to channel illegal immigration over the border into the illegal parole program so the Biden Regime can claim illegal immigration is down has failed. The app is not working, so the Biden Regime is back to letting in all illegal aliens who appear at the border. Few if any are returned using Title 42 expulsions, and illegals released are telling family back in whichever third world shithole they come from that if they enter, they will be released.

Todd Bensman, journalist and videographer, has been documenting the resurgence of the zerg rush and his reports show that the illegals are back to turning themselves in at the border.

But the U.S. Border Patrol has decided to keep gates in the border wall open and accept the surrendering illegal aliens, instead of closing the gates and blocking the illegal aliens from entering.

One of the key points where the Border Patrol is accepting the surrendering illegals is Gate 36 near El Paso.

Gate 36, Entrance To The Camp Of The Saints

Border Patrol Welcome Wagon At Gate 36

Catch-And-Release Only Encourages More Illegal Aliens

Open Gate 36 For Illegal Aliens

Wetbacks By The Busload On The Mexican Side

It appears that the busloads are organized by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), starting as far away as Panama and the Darien Gap.

President Joe Biden’s border chief is expanding his migrant transfer camps in Panama, even as he says he will clamp down on the global migrants who are using those camps to help reach the United States.

“I don’t see any indication whatsoever this [migrant traffic in Panama] is stopping,” journalist Michael Yon told Breitbart News shortly after he visited the migrant camps in Panama that are being expanded by homeland secretary Alejandro Mayorkas:

[Mayorkas Expands Migrant Pipeline Through Panama Jungle, by Neil Munro, Breitbart, April 13, 2023]


But there are half-hearted attempts by Texas National Guardsmen to slow the flow.

But Texas could do more. Just making the illegal aliens walk longer to get to Gate 36 is not enough. Governor Greg Abbott can order Gate 36 and other gates closed, invoking his Constitutional authority to repel an invasion. Governor Abbott has the authority to close the gates; it is just a matter of will, as I have documented previously.

Texas has closed and locked gates before—in August 2022, below:

Perhaps this is the time to indict DHS Secretary Alexandro Mayorkas on State charges of alien smuggling under the Texas alien smuggling statute? And Joe Biden as well?

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