Another Black Hospital Rapist: "Virginia Caregiver" Sentenced For Impregnating TWO Mentally Challenged Patients
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See, earlier: In KILL BILL, White Rednecks Raped A Comatose Woman. In Real Life, All Known Offenders Against Comatose Women Are Black

The Daily Beast reports another case of the phenomenon we call "Minority Hospital Rapist"—black male caregivers who take advantage of mentally challenged (or comatose!) female patients.

A man was sentenced to life in prison on Friday after he raped and impregnated two mentally disabled clients at a Virginia disability center, The Washington Post reports. Bernard Betts-King, a former employee at the MVLE center, impregnated two women who attended the center’s day program for the intellectually disabled in 2017 and 2018. A 29-year-old woman he raped had the “mind of a 5-year-old,” and did not understand that she was pregnant. The woman had to have a caesarean section because she could not understand instructions for her to push during labor. Betts-King, 61, also raped a 33-year-old woman with autism and the mental capacity of a 12-year-old.

There is, as is usual in rape cases, no way for the public to determine the victim's race. In the interests of decency, the names of rape victims are withheld from the press, partly by the courts, partly by the MSM. In the process, the fact that a black man convicted in a string of rapes may have only raped white women is suppressed. But that's okay with the MSM, because they want it suppressed.

In the Nathan Sutherland case, in which a Haitian immigrant impregnated a comatose woman in Arizona, we found that the victim was an Apache, because the San Carlos Apache Tribe officials spoke up about it.

If the victims in this Virginia case are white Southern women, there's no one who's allowed to speak up about.

In the 2003 movie  KILL BILL: Vol. 1, the Bride, played by actress Uma Thurman, wakes up after a four year coma to find that she is being raped by two white men, who are utterly stereotypical white rednecks.

Below, the rapists, one a trucker wearing a Caterpillar cap, one wearing a cross around his neck:

That fictional incident was based on the real-life 1996 case of John Horace, below, who impregnated a comatose, almost certainly white, woman in Rochester, NY:

[In a first, a comatose Rochester woman gave birth. Today, her rapist remains behind bars, by Steve Orr and Gary Craig, Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, January 11, 2019]

A few of the articles we did about this phenomenon before:

In the last case, I noted that this should already have been the rule.

I mean, KILL BILL, which I referenced in my column, and in which a crime like this takes place, is a pop culture icon, earning $180 million dollars and available on Netflix. It's not like this is the first time it's happened in real life, either.

Perhaps the hospital authorities thought they were safe because they weren't white the guys in Kill Bill.

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