ANOTHER Black Caregiver Arrested For Impregnating A Mentally Disabled Woman In Group Home
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Quite recently I did an article here  titled The Fulford File: In KILL BILL, White Rednecks Raped A Comatose Woman. In Real Life, All Known Offenders Against Comatose Women Are Black . (Also available on

In the 2003 movie  KILL BILL: Vol. 1, the Bride, played by actress Uma Thurman, wakes up after a four year coma to find that she is being raped by two white men, who are utterly stereotypical white rednecks.

Here they are staring down at her.


The one on the left is a truck driver wearing a Caterpillar Trucker Cap. (Obviously, if this were made today, it would be a MAGA hat.)

In real life, when a comatose or mentally impaired woman is suddenly found to be pregnant, by a hospital orderly or nurse, the assailants look like this:


Nathan Sutherland at the end is only an alleged rapist, in the sense that he hasn't confessed or been convicted. The local authorities say the baby has his DNA, though. (Also, he may have been the only black male nurse at this facility—it's in Arizona.) [Nurse arrested in case of incapacitated woman who gave birth, CBS/AP, January 23, 2019]

Here's another suspect who looks nothing like a white trucker in a MAGA cap, and nothing like Haven Monahan or Brett Kavanaugh:Willie Fred Shorter.

A Florida Caregiver Was Arrested For Allegedly Impregnating A Woman With Disabilities At A Group Home

Police say Willie Fred Shorter's DNA matched the DNA profile of the woman's child, with 99.99% probability he is the father.
By Mary Ann Georgantopoulos, BuzzFeed, February 8, 2019


An employee at a Florida group home was arrested Wednesday for allegedly impregnating a woman with mental disabilities, according to an affidavit from the Rockledge Police Department.

Willie Fred Shorter, 58, was charged with lewd and lascivious battery of a disabled adult, more than three years after a woman with a mental disability gave birth to a baby boy while residing in a group home.

According to the affidavit, an investigation began in January 2015 when the woman became pregnant. According to the affidavit the woman, who is not named, has the "mental capacity of a small child."

When she was questioned she could not tell the difference between a truth and a lie, authorities said.

"For this reason, [the woman] is unable to consent to sexual intercourse based on her mental health statues [sic]," the affidavit reads.

When she was interviewed as part of the investigation, she first provided three names of potential fathers, two of which were eliminated early on, police said.

The third person she identified was Shorter. At the time of the initial investigation he denied the allegations and there was not enough evidence to obtain a DNA sample from him.

More than three years after the initial investigation the woman reported that Shorter touched her vagina, which instigated a second probe. [More]

When Nathan Sutherland was arrested, I said that instead of "Man Arrested", the MSM was going with "Nurse Arrested". In the Willie Fred Shorter case, they're going with "Caregiver Arrested", although there is one case of that old standby "Florida Man".

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