In Hospital Rape Case, Nursing Home Promises Not To Leave Comatose Women Alone With Male Nurses...Any More
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The Daily Mail has some followup on the Nathan Sutherland case:

Officers said investigations are ongoing at the Hacienda Healthcare center in Phoenix despite the arrest of 36-year-old nurse Nathan Sutherland on Wednesday.

Sutherland has been charged with rape after a severely disabled 29-year-old woman, who has been at the center since 1992, gave birth last month.

Detectives said a DNA sample taken from Sutherland on Tuesday linked him to the baby boy, and he was subsequently arrested....

Hacienda has also launched an investigation, which is still ongoing.

The company said it fired Sutherland as soon as it learned of his arrest, and has introduced new safety measures in the wake of the scandal….

The case has prompted the departure or discipline of key figures at Hacienda HealthCare, including the CEO William Timmons. …

Timmons resigned on December 31 as the provider announced new safety measures, including more than one staff member being present during patient interactions and more scrutiny of visitors.

Police fear there are MORE victims at healthcare center where a quadriplegic woman gave birth,  Daily Mail Online, January 24, 2019

You'd have thought that that would already be the rule. I mean, KILL BILL, which I referenced in my column, and in which a crime like this takes place, is a pop culture icon, earning $180 million dollars and available on Netflix. It's not like this is the first time it's happened in real life, either.

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