“Strong Gods,” Generals, And Native To The Soil
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One line in James Kirkpatrick's excellent review of R.R. Reno's Strong Gods struck me as particularly poignant:
"So what does Reno want? Ultimately, he says, a concept of “home.” He lands an absolute gut punch when he recounts the story of a woman in France who observed that immigrants can “go home” whenever they feel like it, but if she loses France, there is nowhere to go.
In Gods and Generals, Stonewall Jackson says something similar to his adjutant, Sandie Pendleton, in explaining why deserters must be shot and the South must prevail against the Yankee invader: "If we lose, we lose our country. We lose our independence. We lose it all."
“Home,” and what it means, is a recurring theme in the film. 
To the American libertarian of left or right, who has swallowed the myth of Economic Man, home means nothing, as Kirkpatrick's review and Reno's book make clear.
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