A "Textbook" Example Of The Black Criminal/White Stock Photo Phenomenon
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I've done a couple of posts on websites using stock photos of white people for stories about crimes committed by blacks. Cracked.com is a particularly bad offender. (See Cracked.com, “Dumb Crooks”, And Stock Photos: Snarky Websites Don't Know How Racist They Are.)

This latest one is  a textbook example, literally.

California schools (along with the rest of its government) have been in a real financial pinch, resorting to such desperate measures as seeking commercial sponsorships from corporations to offset the crippling cuts their budgets have endured. But if you think that financial desperation makes employees feel bad about stealing from the schools — for instance, by taking thousands of textbooks away from kids and pawning them for quick cash — you'd be so very wrong.

Monkey Business Images/Stockbroker/Monkey  "Shit, when you see how little stores pay us for used books, you should feel bad for us."

A theft ring consisting of 13 people, including two librarians, a warehouse manager, and a former campus supervisor, set up their operation with Corey Frederick, a book buyer for the totally legit-sounding "Doorkeeper Textz," a company with ethics even more dubious than its spelling. For sums ranging from $600 to $47,000, the school employees would pilfer textbooks from the school, at which point Frederick would have his pick of the booty to resell to businesses such as Amazon and various textbook distributors. 6 Shockingly Evil Abuses of Power by School Officials

By A.C. Grimes June 05, 2014

Above you see the photo they used to illustrated the story of Corey Frederick, alleged ringleader of the "Doorkeeper Text" ring of textbook thieves.

Below is an actual picture of Corey Frederick, courtesy of the Daily Mail.

There are 13 names on the press release from the DA. [PDF]

I can actually confirm the race of only three of them, Corey Frederick, Veronica Clanton-Higgins and Olalekan Animasaun, all of whom are black. But it would surprise me if any of them were white, not because whites never commit crimes, but because criminal conspiracies generally feature people of the same race, for reasons of trust.

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