This Must Be A Record: Drudge Carries 15 (!) Stories On Obama's Ending Border Enforcement
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This has to be a record. At the moment (2-40 PM East Coast) the Drudge Report has no less than 15 items on the surge of illegal immigration caused by (in the first instance) the Obamacrat Administrative Amnesty policy.

As I remarked years ago in Drudge Scores Twofer: Immigrant/American Job Grab, and Anchor Baby Costs

The Drudge Report survives because of its unerring news sense – which often means carrying stories in which the public is interested but which the MSM wants to repress
So it was wonderful news in 2013 when Drudge returned to the Patriotic side after a strange election campaign lull. Drudge is hugely powerful as Peter Brimelow was happy to note recently in Treason Lobbyess Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers Crashes MSM Servers Via Drudge. And this ultra professional editorial choice reflects a shrewd understanding of what really matters to Americans.

I say the surge of illegals is only in the first instance caused by the Obama Administration because it has long been obvious that this is a Minority Occupation Government determined to cement itself in power by whatever means necessary.

So I agree with Mickey Kaus as reported by James Fulford in Kaus On The Border Surge: “Muchas Gracias, Senor Cantor!”

Theultimate blame for this situation lies on those who failed in their duty to challenge this policy when it began: the despicable GOP leadership.

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