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A New Jersey Reader Says Favoritism Toward Aliens In Health Care May Force Him To Move West; etc.

From: John Ciccolo, Jr. (e-mail him

Re: Patrick Cleburne's Blog: Two Blood-boiling Potions From A Certain Slant Of Light

The impacts of illegal aliens on healthcare and education are analogous. During phase one we merely pay for illegals' healthcare or education. But in phase two, they crowd us out.

Because of illegal immigration, Americans can no longer get decent healthcare or quality educations.

I have been hospitalized three times in past year and my wife once. On several occasions, we had to take a number to get in line for procedures.

This is irritating since more than 50 percent of patients spoke only Spanish and are probably here illegally.

People in New York are now moving west, as Horace Greeley recommended, but to Pennsylvania and Ohio, not California.

Ciccolo is a retired economics professor. Read his previous letters to VDARE.COM here and here.

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A California Reader Reluctantly Plans To Leave The Once Golden State

From: Kathlene Miller

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Is It All Over For The Golden State?

I enjoy reading Guzzardi's columns—especially the latest one about California's continuing population explosion.  

Joe wrote:

"The more aware among us however know that during the next four decades professionals and their tax-generating jobs will leave California in a great big hurry. Social services that lure aliens to the state will dry up for the most basic reason: no tax dollars to fund them."

My husband and I have discussed this eventuality when we read the latest demographic data.   My husband is a professional and fifth-generation Californian.  I am a Minnesota transplant. We have stayed in California to help his family take care of his aging parents.  

After they pass away, we may leave California because of its deteriorating quality of life.  We have lived in Fremont for the past four years. During that time, we've noticed increased Hispanic and Afghan gang activity and graffiti. The police force is trying hard to deal with strong-arm robberies and drug related crime.

Therefore, we are planning our escape.

By the time 2050 rolls around, we'll be well into our 80s, if we live that long, and our children will be middle-aged adults.  We want a better life for them.  But if they stay in California, they will be taxed heavily to pay for the poor quality of life that will surround them.  We have greater dreams for them than that.

It will be hard to leave the place that my husband's family, for five generations, has called home.  It is extremely sad to see what is happening to his beloved state.  

I hope Californians of all backgrounds will wakeup in enough time to protect their state's future. It's obvious the politicians won't do anything, so we the citizens of California need to take action. 

Miller's previous letter to VDARE.COM is here.

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A CA Reader Refuses To Alter Her Lifestyle To Facilitate The Alien Invasion

From: Meredith Johnson

In June when we fought our elected politicians to save our country, my calls to Senators Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer's offices stressed the quality of life (or lack thereof) that Californians would have when the state's population reaches 60 million people. Among my other questions were where would the water and power come from?

I had heard Feinstein say on the Senate floor that because we have a growing economy, we therefore need to add more people through immigration.  In other words, our population is increasing, so we need to add more people?

I was so incensed about her comment that I angrily denounced Feinstein to her staff.

Why does no one question idiotic statements about growth?  Are we in love with growth for growth's sake?

I'm tired of superficial reporting in the MSM that repeats, thoughtlessly, the population propaganda that the elites spew. 

I conserve, have no children, live in a small house, keep my lawn dry, rarely leave town during the week and fly infrequently. But I refuse to sacrifice my already frugal life style to accommodate another 30 million Californians. 

The water department wants us to save 20 gallons per day—no way! I already do my part.

Johnson, who lives in the San Diego area, is a lifelong California resident with degrees in economics and business.

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A Michigan Reader Looks Back At California—Not Fondly

From: [Name Withheld]

Nine years ago, I moved into a new subdivision in Galt, CA, which is located between Lodi and Sacramento.


Galt was a nice lower middle class place for first-time homebuyers.  There were a few government-financed homes, but not enough to change the community's character.


But, as time went by and more houses were sold, Galt's demographics changed.  Every other house sold became a multi-family dwelling.  Most of my new neighbors were Spanish-speakers. Houses with four or more older cars were parked in driveways. Street graffiti popped up—as did car break-ins and thefts.


Seeing the direction Galt was headed, I moved to Michigan a year ago. I sold my house to two families with different Hispanic last names.


Once in Michigan, my first job was at a hotel and conference center.  Not a single first-language Spanish-speaking person was on the staff.  Instead the workers—laundry, housekeeping and landscaping—were predominantly middle-aged whites.  Any vacancies were filled immediately from a large pool of applicants.


Coming from the northern end of California's Central Valley, I quickly noticed the differences between my new home and old homes. It had been a long time since I had seen a white or black landscaper in California. In southern Michigan, I have yet to see a Mexican in a lawn care crew. At restaurants, language is not a barrier when I order.


This, I know, is anecdotal evidence. But I remember growing up in California before unhindered illegal immigration exploded.  English speakers—both young and old—filled the hotel staff jobs and lawn crews.


I have never believed the remark "They are just doing jobs Americans will not do."  Just leave California to realize how false that statement is.


The truth: illegal aliens take jobs Americans will not do for such low pay.

Joe Guzzardi comments: Galt is ten miles north of Lodi, where I live. Of all the small communities that have sprung up in California in the last two decades, few have been overwhelmed and ruined as completely by immigration-driven sprawl.

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An Illinois Reader Says His State Is Just As Bad As California

From: Bill Martin

People who live in California incorrectly think that immigration impacts them far more than it does the rest of America. But Illinois is just as bad.

I live in a Chicago suburb.  The Hispanic population within the Chicago city limits is almost 33 percent—almost all brought on by illegal entry into the U.S.

Chicago suburbs are being transformed into Los Angeles with Hispanics overwhelming almost every suburb—Aurora 33 percent Hispanic, Carpentersville, 44 percent and Waukegan, 55 percent.

Wherever one lives in the Chicago metropolitan area, with a population of 9 million, a person cannot step outside without seeing the Hispanic domination created by illegal immigration. This transformation has occurred over the past forty years.

Martin is a retired accountant. He plans to leave Chicago soon.

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A Florida Reader Sees Immigration-Driven White Flight From South To North Florida

From: Cecilia [e-mail her]

I became an anti-illegal alien activist ten years ago when I read Peter Brimelow's Alien Nation. [VDARE.COM note: Download it free here!]

Here in north Florida, we have been experiencing a white flight from the southern part of the state since Hispanics have ruined it.

Miami is one of the poorest cities in the U.S. with far more AIDS cases and violent crime than North Florida.

Jobs in South Florida go to Spanish-speakers. In some cases, U.S. citizens have been fired from long-time government jobs because they do not speak Spanish.

Here in Gainesville, home of University of Florida, my kids attend the K-12 UF research and development school that offers only Spanish as a foreign language.

The director told me: "I'd severely disadvantage my kids' future if they don't learn Spanish, as that is the future of this country!"

I recommend a book describing the Latino culture called The Hispanic Condition: Reflections on Culture and Identity in America by Ilan Stavans, a Mexican professor of Jewish ancestry. Stavans describes all the ailments of Mexican culture—pervasive crime, corruption, bribery, promiscuity and their determination not to assimilate.

The writer is the daughter of a legal German immigrant.

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A Reader Pledges Loyalty To VDARE.COM—Despite Paul Craig Roberts

From: [Name Withheld]

I am a huge fan of VDARE.COM, which I discovered several years ago after reading Alien Nation [VDARE.COM notes (again): Download it free here!]  I have contributed several times; I wish my student status allowed me to give more.  I have the highest respect for you and your writers because of the way you have fought against overwhelming odds to try to dispel the often astounding ignorance of Americans regarding immigration.

I am writing to express my concern as a loyal reader that the site is being undermined by Paul Craig Roberts.  I know you have addressed the matter before, and feel obliged by your old friendship to stand by him.  But the blunt truth is that his rantings make him come off as a lunatic. People who might otherwise take an interest in VDARE.COM are no doubt driven away by his opinions.

Someone might incorrectly assume that your site is run by crackpots. Jared Taylor also voices opinions well outside the mainstream, but Taylor supports his views with much data and expresses himself eloquently. The same cannot be said of Roberts.

Incidentally, I am no fan of Bush or his neocon cabal. 

If Roberts continues to be posted on VDARE.COM, I will remain a devoted reader. I submit my concerns about Roberts humbly.  I just hate to see all the good work you and your staff do undermined by Roberts' increasingly bizarre writings.

Thanks for all your work on behalf of our country.

Peter Brimelow replies: Sigh. We have received many similar letters recently. As I've said before, we run syndicated columnists Michelle Malkin, Paul Craig Roberts and Pat Buchanan (nobody seems to object to him—funny thing) because they are among the few MSM writers sensible about immigration. As we have to pay for all their columns, we run them all. But we don't necessarily endorse all their opinions on everything, which (as readers have noticed) often contradict each other.

But I must say (again) that I do wish Craig, whom I've known for nearly 40 years and who has been a good friend both to VDARE.COM and to me personally, would go back to writing more about immigration.

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A Colorado Reader Denounces North American Union, Praises New Corsi Book

From: Fred Sands [e-mail him]

Re: Brenda Walker's Column: Gangocracy—The Downside Of Abolishing The Nation-State

Americans are deliberately being kept from learning the truth about what President Bush and the Council on Foreign Relations power elite who control him are planning to do to our nation.

In 2005, George Bush met with the leaders of Canada and Mexico and signed the "Security and Prosperity Partnership" whereby all three nations would be merged into the North American Union by 2010.

The border with Mexico and Canada will be erased and millions more poor Mexicans will be allowed to flood into America taking more jobs and demanding social benefits and free medical care. Our leaders do not want any borders. That's why President Bush has deliberately left our Mexican border unsecured. 

An important book, The Late Great USA by Jerome Corsi has just been published. Every American should read it.

Here's a key quote from Corsi's introduction:

"Today, we again face the possibility that the United States of America may not long endure. Our national sovereignty is in danger of being compromised in favor of an emerging regional government, designed of the elite, by the elite, and for the elite, who are working to achieve global ambitions in the pursuit of wealth and power for themselves. There are movements afoot in Mexico, Canada, and the United States, similar to those in Europe that led tot the formation of the European Union that, if left unchecked, will erode U.S. sovereignty and lead to a North American Union."

The North American Union concept has not been presented to Congress, is kept as much as possible under wraps from the American people and is never mentioned in the MSM.

Bush, who wanted to amnesty millions of illegal alien Mexicans, keeps everyone in the dark.

Sands is a retired Air Force officer who graduated from Boston University.

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