A Montana Reader Complains About Anti-White Discrimination In CA Hospitals
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From: [Name Withheld]

Re: Patrick Cleburne's Blog: Two Blood-boiling Potions From A Certain Slant Of Light

In April when we visited California, my dad had to go to the emergency room for his colon bleeding. We went to the hospital in the white part of Clovis (near Fresno). He was seen right away.

Since that time, the local clinic, where Mexicans and welfare recipients went, closed. Now all the patients in the area go to the Clovis hospital.

Overcrowding has taken a serious toll on services. A friend (white) died while waiting for seven hours in the emergency room a few weeks ago. The hospital ran out of room and laid him on his pickup truck bed under a canopy. He died waiting for medical care. Would this have happened if he were Mexican?

Billy, my five-month old nephew, got sick with an intestinal disorder. My brother and his wife took him to the children's hospital and waited for five hours. There was only one other white couple in the waiting room. The two white couples waited until it was obvious that the Mexican receptionist was taking her fellow Mexicans before their children.

When they complained, they got kicked out of the hospital with their sick baby in tow.

The writer originally lived in California but moved to Montana. This incident occurred while she was visiting her father.

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