A Florida Trucker Says Tancredo Was Right
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Re: Tom Tancredo vs. Third World Miami, "Capital Of Latin America" by Marcus Epstein

A Reader Writes From Somewhere On The Nation's Highways

As a resident who lives in West Central Florida. I hope the diversity culture in Miami does not spread to the Tampa/St Petersburg area in Florida. As a Truck Driver I dealt a lot in Miami bringing loads down there. What I noticed was once thriving middle class developments that are now more like Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.

Where once the lumpers I hired were Americans, they have been squeezed out by cheaper competition of offloading trucks.(I offload myself rather than hire illegal labor).

All the workers that worked in the warehouses have now been undercut by cheap labor coming across the Rio Grande. I see billboards saying "This Bud's for you" in Spanish on I-95.

The cashiers at the store do not speak English and find it hard to buy a Coke and get a pack of smokes because I do not know how to say Marlboro 100s in Spanish.

I remember 20 years ago when I went down to Miami for weekend family outings. Miami was very different than today. My Dad was a retired Dade County sheriff's deputy who retired in 1986 because the corruption in Law enforcement over asset forfeiture laws going after political enemies who had the will to shut down the drug trade whether it be Sheriffs, DAs, Judges or city councilmen who were determined to oust the incumbents in power.

Bogus charges were brought against people by our Former AG Janet Reno who was the DA in Dade county to intimidate those who expose massive voter fraud. Remember the book "Vote Scam"?

Today in Miami. Yes it is one of the Latin capitals. Like Mexico City. Let's find the common characteristics.

1. The political system is corrupt and the city's politicians are bought and paid for by the drug trade.

2.Police are paid off for protection so the Drug Cartels can run their drugs a lot like Mexican troops do on our southern border.

3. There is very little visibility of a middle class and jobs are being under cut for the illegal Mexican labor. Chasing out the middle class because the depressed wages making more harder to keep up with the cost of living.

 4. Miami has a Aristocratic and Peon class. A two tier class society. With almost no middle class.

 5. The rich live in gated communities outside of the new Latin ghettos that transplanted Tijuana into the Sunshine State.

 6. Miami is also a sanctuary city were all the world's criminal element entering illegally can run freely and terrorize the law abiding without the fear of being deported because law enforcement cannot check the person's immigrant status.

Miami is a mess and Congressmen Tancredo is right.

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