A California Libertarian Asks What Happened To English…You May Not Want To Know The Answer
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From:  R. P. McCosker [e-mail him]

I found some mind-blowing passages in this dumbfounding story about language and the Census in the Oakland Tribune. [ Language Gaps Linger in Fremont Households, By Jonathan Jones, (email him) Oakland Tribune, September 16, 2006]

Try on this quote for size from Fremont, California resident Michael Shih, an interviewee from Thailand:

"Everybody speaks Mandarin. That's why it's not all that important (to learn English). But that's not good. It's not right for us to only speak to other (Mandarin speakers). What about the rest of our community? How do we speak to our neighbors from India and Pakistan? We all need to speak a common language."

McCosker is a onetime aide to the California legislature in Sacramento and now works in land management. In his free time, McCosker moderates the online discussion group Paleolibertarian Forum here.

According to McCosker, his fondest hopes is for other libertarians to appreciate how open immigration is bad politics as well as bad policy.

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