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An Illinois Reader Asks: Why Is TB Teenager In The U.S. Anyway?; etc.

From: Mike in Chicago

Re: James Fulford's Blog: Mexican Teenager With TB Refuses Treatment

Why would a contagiously sick foreign teenager even be in our country? He is almost certainly illegal and even if he is not, he should be deported as soon as possible.

In addition to spreading his potentially fatal disease carelessly wherever he goes, he's just the right age to start driving illegally and threaten American lives in the more traditional manner of youths of his background.

I live in the Albany Park/Ravenswood Manor area of Chicago, and I have no doubt that we could find similar examples, with a wide range of diseases, right here in my neighborhood.

Keep up the good work. Even in this "Sanctuary City" you have a growing following.

Mike is a National Guard soldier and a former USAF intelligence officer and linguist who spent many years overseas in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. He notes that at least one of his networks blocks VDARE.COM

Send him mail c/o [email protected]

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A New York Reader Sees Behind The Elvira Arellano Deportation Sham

From: Henry McCulloch (e-mail him)

Re: Allan Wall's Blog: Elvira As "Ambassador Of Immigrants?"

Forget the removal of Elvira Arellano.

As Mickey Kaus, Ann Coulter, and all of VDARE.COM suspect, the Bush administration is engaging in a few high profile deportations of sympathetic-seeming illegal aliens. The purpose: in order, simultaneously, first to convince rube GOP supporters that they are serious ("no, really, we mean it this time…") about border enforcement; second, to generate such a backlash against the inhumanity of deporting those such as Mama Arellano and separating her from her American anchor baby son that the Bush-Kennedy-McCain Amnesty/Guest Worker cum National Suicide Program will sail through both houses of Congress on a wave of popular indignation.

Never mind, of course, that young Saul Arellano is perfectly free to live together with his mother in their homeland, Mexico. [VDARE.COM note: In a victory for family reunification, 8-year-old Saul Arellano has joined his mother in Mexico, where he will be going to school in Michoacan to learn how to read and write in Spanish, on the Mexican taxpayer's dollar—er, peso. 8-year-old American son of deported immigrant activist arrives in Mexico, The Associated Press, August 31, 2007]

Why forget Arellano? Because her case is a deception at best, an attempted propaganda coup at worst.

The Washington Times reports the true story of immigration enforcement. The Bush administration is reassigning 1,000 of ICE's approximately 5,000 Office of Investigations agents exclusively to customs investigations. The effect, naturally, is that these officers will no longer be available for any internal enforcement duties. [ICE reassigns agents to customs By Sara A. Carter August 29, 2007]

Texas Representative Ted Poe, who has consistently called for real enforcement, states the obvious: "It lacks wisdom to take 20 percent of your work force who know how to deal with criminal detainees—experienced officers—and make grapefruit inspectors out of them."

 Now why would the Bush administration want to go and do such a thing? The VDARE.COM archives are full of likely explanations, many having to do with keeping cheap labor abundant, and regular readers know very well that the buck stops with President Bush.

As for Arellano, she has come up with a new and clever way to jump the gringos' border. As reported by Allan Wall, Arellano asked Mexican President Felipe Calderón to accredit her as "peace and justice" ambassador to the United States so she can keep those mean Americans from treating Mexicans so cruelly.

Watch this space for developments as they occur.

I must say I hope Calderón falls for it – that would sure help make the Mexican government's role in the Mestizo invasion much clearer for Americans.

McCulloch is a lawyer. His previous letters and VDARE.COM columns are here.

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A Reader In Mexico Challenges Linda Thom On Immigrants' Use Of Cash

From: Adrian Reynolds (e-mail him)

Re: Linda Thom's Letter: Aliens Use Cash Because They Can't Balance A Check Book

I am an ex-pat living permanently in Mexico. I read VDARE.COM for the occasional cogent article on the immigration issue. Allan Wall writes particularly well.

This is the first time I have felt compelled to write a contributor.

A check of the current CIA World Fact Book reveals that Mexico's literacy rate is 91 percent.

For a developing country, that's not too shabby. Basic government education is nearly free in Mexico. As the owner of three businesses that depend on customers at the lower end of the income scale, I have yet to meet someone who truly could not perform simple addition or recognize numbers.

Thom may also wish to examine cultural and historical reasons why Latin Americans prefer cash and distrust banks.

Some immigrants to the US who can neither read nor write in English or Spanish are the dirt-poor Indians who speak only Mixteco or Toltec or some other indigenous tongue that US bleeding-heart liberals seek to protect.

Reynolds was born in England and lived in Los Angeles before moving to Mexico

Linda Thom replies:

I base my input on my experience. Mixteco speakers are a large part of the non-English speaking school population in Santa Maria, California, a school district I am familiar with from the time when I lived in California. Their parents, who picked strawberries, are illiterate, Spanish, English, Mixteco—if there is a written language, I have no idea.

I sat across the bargaining table from workers who did welfare intake for Santa Barbara County. The workers who spoke Spanish wanted a huge bilingual language stipend increase because their clients in the caseload could not read or write in Spanish. Read about this here in my VDARE.COM column "Immigration Moments That Changed a Budget Analyst's Mind."

Why were they applying for welfare, you might ask. The answer: their children were born in the US and could get welfare so the parents were getting welfare for their children. I assume the children shared the welfare with their non-English speaking, illiterate in Spanish, parents.

My grandchildren have thirty or more kids in their classroom because there are so many children in school. Half of CA births are to immigrant mothers. U.S. birth data is on line here.

The Third-World peasants have moved to El Norte and they can't keep checkbooks. They use cash because they can't read and can't write—in Spanish or in English. Anyone in the trenches in high-immigration states knows what I have said is true.

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A West Coast Reader Says Bush Is The Most Dangerous President Ever

From: Barbara Anderson: (e-mail her)

Joe Guzzardi's Column: Dubya—Worst President Ever. And Immigration Is A Reason

It is hard to argue that Bush is not the worst president of all time. I consider him certainly the most dangerous to this country.

I would add to Guzzardi's indictment:

  • Giving himself virtual life and death decision making as to identifying "terrorists"… could be you or me.

However, Bush's moves were made with the support of the Democrat Congress, or at least without the stiff opposition they should have triggered.

My conclusion is that, no matter what party we put in power, this country always moves farther to the left.

It is my contention that Bush has committed actions that are impeachable, but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said early on in her reign that there would be no move in that direction.

I agree that Bush's most recent betrayal of this country, the implementing of the North American Union, is the most egregious yet, and I don't know if this country will survive intact.

Anderson is a writer whose latest piece about the North American Union appeared in the American Chronicle. Read it here. Her previous letter to VDARE.COM charging that President Bush is not a "true American" is here and a prior letter here.

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A Missouri Reader, With A Son In Iraq, Says That Not Everything America Does Is Wrong

From: Stephen Giles

I have a son who is a U.S. Marine in Iraq. I love and support him with every fiber in my body. He will have a positive impact in Iraq as will many other soldiers like him.

Perhaps it will be one child befriended, or a brother Marine kept alive by his vigilance.

Our men and women are too good not to leave a lasting impression.

Not everything we do as a nation is bad. If we are off course, we will still do something correctly. It is precisely because you and I can debate without threat to one another that my son loves his country so much that he has put his life on the line for it.

My boy refused my offer of a four-year private college so that he could protect America.

Even where U.S. foreign policy has failed in the past some good has come to pass.

Look at Vietnam. One of the reasons the Southeast Asian War was fought was to end the worldwide expansion of communism.... remember the Domino Theory?

Then name all of the new Communist nations established after Vietnam




Lots of blank spaces....

For whatever reason, Vietnam became the high-water mark. Maybe out of that terrible struggle some good emerged.

Our greatest error in Iraq is grandstanding in an attempt to create a democracy overnight.

I have made a personal decision that I will not back either of the two major political parties in this country. The deals that Republicans and Democrats make to create the constituencies that each party claims to represent thwarts leadership and decisiveness.

Send Giles mail c/o [email protected]

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A CA. Reader Says Giuliani Is Well Regarded By Americans Who Watched Him During 9/11

From: Jim Rockford (e-mail him)

Joe Guzzardi's Column: Rudy Giuliani: GOP Frontrunner—But For How Much Longer

Guzzardi's column has some insights but also several misjudgments.

Because of his position on sanctuary cities and illegal immigration, Giuliani will have serious problems in getting the Republican nomination. It's telling that Mitt Romney is fighting Giuliani's ascent with rhetoric of his own about illegal immigration.

Guzzardi is right that America's desire to close the border and regain sovereignty over a tidal wave of illegal immigrants is likely the major social issue within the party and nationwide.

And I agree with Guzzardi that Giuliani, if nominated, will likely lose to either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama even though their own personal lives provide rich targets for criticism.

However, Giuliani's one huge advantage is that people liked what they saw of his leadership on 9/11. Pre-9/11 Rudy was washed up as a politician.

But when the World Trade Center towers fell, America wanted a leader…and they looked to Giuliani.

People know he'll be tough on Al Queda and attack them again if he has to. His record as a crime fighter in New York proves it.

Guzzardi is mistaken if he thinks domestic issues—mainly immigration—will drive the election.

Joe Guzzardi replies: I didn't mean to imply that the War on Terror is not a major campaign issue. But, as important as it is, Bush has trivialized 9/11 by his incessant references to it in his two presidential campaigns and in every important speech he makes.

If Bush were serious about the War on Terror, he would seal the borders both to the north and south of the U.S.

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A Connecticut Reader Says The Iraqi Refugees Are Welcome In His Town

From: Rob Freeman (e-mail him)

Re: Today's Letter: A Texas Reader Says No More Asylum For Iraqis Until Our Soldiers Come Home

I am a long time immigration restrictionist and made a speech in Lewiston, Maine on January 8, 2003 arguing against Somali "refugees" and against immigration and the fraudulent refugee industry in general.

I got my 15 minutes of fame with snippets of my speech included in the DVD "The Letter" so you can verify my restrictionist credentials. When you watch it, look for me. I'm the guy in the white dress shirt.

I made my Lewiston speech three months before the Iraq invasion. Unfortunately the movie did not include even one snippet of my stern warnings against the proposed invasion.

We should not be militarily involved with the Arab world at all. Instead, we must deal with our addiction to oil in America by conserving our resources.

I grow a large garden and I commute to work on my bicycle when time and weather permit. I do this because of the Iraq war, which I think about every day. I grieve over the American soldiers and the Iraqis that are getting killed.

I donated to Cindy Sheehan's organization and write letters to my Congressmen opposing the war.

My country has become the armed robber of the world. I don't want to be complicit in this any more.

We messed up Iraq. As Colin Powell said, it's the Pottery Barn principle — you broke it, you bought it. We didn't create the refugees of Somalia or Sudan, and though we did create a refugee problem in Vietnam in the mid-1970s, the Hmong, Cambodian and Vietnamese could return home to a peaceful country if they so desired.

But the U.S. created the immediate Iraqi refugee crisis.

Thirty years from now Iraqis may not have a case for refugee immigration to the U.S. But right now they do.

We turned their country into a bloody mess. I sympathize with the Iraqis.

I'd welcome Iraqis into my town. I'll tell them in person that I am sorry for what the U. S. government did to them.

Freeman is an organic farmer.

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A Former California Highway Patrol Officer Says The LAPD's Moratorium On Impounding Illegal Aliens' Cars Will Anger Many

From: Dave Hollenbeck (e-mail him)

According to a story in the Los Angeles Times, the LAPD will no longer impound vehicles owned by illegal aliens until the city attorney's office provides a final legal assessment of a 2005 decision by the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals involving an Oregon impound case. [LA Police To Stop Impounding Cars of Unlicensed Drivers," By Richard Winton, Los Angeles Times, August 27, 2007]

Pro-illegal alien lobbyists are thrilled, of course.

Here are the winners and the losers in this travesty.


  • Insurance companies, who will simply pass on the cost of collisions to the insured. Plus, every policy has a clause that says: "This policy is null and void unless the vehicle is operated by a licensed driver".


  • The police officers who work the street and will get blamed when an Illegal alien hits a citizen's car.

  • Citizens who will pay higher insurance rates and endured the hassle and time spent to get a driver's license.

  • Citizens who will be hit by driving-skill-challenged Illegals, have their car totaled, have medical bills only to be told that the other driver doesn't have insurance.

  • Tow companies whose business it is to go out and tow vehicles that the unlicensed aliens were driving.

Hollenbeck worked for more than thirty years as a California Highway Patrol officer in southern California. He is retired and lives in Arizona. Read his previous letter about Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid here and about how illegal aliens get away with it here. To read Hollenbeck's blog, Desert Exile, click here.

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A Californian Relocated To Illinois Reminds The Last American In His Former Home Town To Take The Flag

From: Rob Taylor (e-mail him)

Once upon a time, I lived in a great American community in southern California until the total takeover by Hispanic and southeast Asian immigrants turned it into a place I no longer recognize.

I was never asked if I wanted this demographic transformation but my government did it anyway.

All I can say is the last American out of Garden Grove, please take our flag with you.

Taylor was born in Long Beach and writes that he is "just an ordinary working class citizen who wants to live in the United States that I have always known and not some place foreign to me."

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