A West Coast Reader Says President Bush Is Not A "True American"
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From: Barbara Anderson [e-mail her

Re: Don Collins Column: A Democrat Says Republicans Might Finally Be Getting The Need For True Immigration Reform

I don't agree with Collins that Bush has two bad years ahead of him.

After the November election, Bush practically jumped for joy as he hugged the Democrats and invited them to help him work for a "comprehensive immigration bill." This is his fixation.  It overrides his allegiance to the Republican Party, and I think the party paid dearly for his non-leadership on immigration.

As a Republican who volunteered for Bush's campaign and voted for him twice, I realize too late that he is not a Republican and wonder if he is a true American.  He has done nothing to secure our borders and, in fact, has done everything possible to thwart that action. 

Unlike Collins, I don't see the Democrats stopping Bush.  I hope I am wrong.  Democrats need to wake up to the fact that we are all citizens, no matter our party, and we are all in danger of losing our sovereignty. 

I no longer think in terms of Democrat or Republican, but American.

Anderson is a writer whose work has appeared in California Chronicle and Stop the North American Union. Read her previous letter to VDARE.COM here.

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