Elvira as "Ambassador of Immigrants?"
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In my article about the Elvira Arellano Melodrama, I reported that the recently-deported Elvira met with the president of Mexico, Felipe Calderon.

According to initial reports, Elvira asked Calderon to help arrange her visa to the U.S. Calderon replied that he would study her case, but the issuance of a visa was up to American authorities, not the Mexican government. So Elvira exited Los Pinos (the Mexican White House), and made no statement to the media.

Later, however, Elvira held her own press conference elsewhere, and put a different spin on things. Elvira said that she'd requested Calderon designate her "Ambassador of Immigrants" in the U.S.:

"I asked him for a diplomatic visa to return to the United States as an ambassador of peace, justice and hope for many people."

Did Elvira really request that? Initial reports didn't say that she did, and the statement on the President of Mexico's website said she requested Mexican government help in obtaining a U.S. visa from the U.S.

Either Elvira is lying about what she said to the president of Mexico, the Mexican government didn't want to reveal it, or the initial reports simply didn't include it.

In any case, I get the impression the Calderon administration is not too keen on getting mixed up with Elvira.

A positive result of the Elvira Spectacle is that, rather than endearing herself to Americans, her defiance, shamelessness, and willingness to utilize her son as a propaganda tool is not exactly winning over the American public. Like the protesting Mexican flag-wavers, I think it's helping our side!

Here's a defiant shot of Elvira, shaking her fist at us.

Keep it up Elvira, you're showing more Americans that illegal immigration is a real problem that needs fixing.

I guess in an unintended and ironic way, she really is an "ambassador!"

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