On Labor Day, NJ IT Professional, Unemployed More Than A Year, Calls For A Political Purge
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From: Joseph Stepien: (e-mail him)

Re: Randall Burns' Column: Democratic Presidential Candidates Show Surprising Stress on Immigration

I must be missing something in Burns' analysis of Democratic presidential candidates.

The candidates' voting records (with failing grades on H-1B visas and legal and illegal immigration) are abysmal.

They all support unrestricted immigration/amnesty and hail the H-1B to high heaven in even greater numbers than their Republican cheap-labor lobby sell-outs.

Sen. Hillary Clinton has personally traveled to India to assure Indians that she does indeed represent their interests rather than those of her American constituency. 

Clinton may as well be on the payroll of the corporate shortage-shouters

Does Burns not remember that Clinton patted herself on the back for bringing in Tata Consulting Services to Buffalo while supposedly offering opportunity for jobs to the local citizens? 

But that trade-off never happened. 

American IT professionals lose their positions and instead can make the Tata employees an occasional sandwich or serve them from behind the Burger King counter.

Burns should stop trying to snow professionals such as myself (holding degrees in Civil Engineering and an MS in Computer Science but unemployed through all of 2004 while H-1B Indian and Chinese employees were kept at Network Associates) that the Democrats are anything but the cheap labor supporting shills that they are. 

Their voting records tell the true story.

America must be purged of politicians who would sooner represent the interests of India, China, Mexico, and multi-national corporations than their U.S. constituents.

After years of abusing the visa system by corrupt politicians, the damage to America's middle-class engineering/science foundation is now finally apparent.

Stepien was unemployed from late 2003 to early 2005. As a result, he writes that he "takes every available opportunity to make my typically indifferent and apathetic fellow Americans aware of this growing problem.  It's a shame that people don't usually awaken until they're stirred by some significant event—like an extensive unemployment."

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