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A Border Patrol Agent Reveals More About How Corrupt Company Officials Profit From Illegal Immigration; etc.

From:  Marlin Spike [e-mail him]

On 10/07/06 you published a letter I wrote [ read it here] on how poultry plant owners and operators reap the big bucks from the illegal labor market…not only by employing them but also by recruiting them.

Since your readers indicated interest in knowing more, here's my follow up.

My first letter described the relationship between company officers, their illegal workers, and the "labor supply companies" the officers create on the side. 

I wrote that the plant owners have a front man to run the labor supply company that provides their businesses with illegal alien workers.

Many large companies—not necessarily limited to poultry plants—have their own in-house smuggler. Smaller operations rely on freelance smugglers for their supply of illegal laborers.

But now, according to information from insiders, I've learned that some of the "good old boys" in the poultry business have expanded their alien recruiting by forming a labor supply company to fill the needs of small to medium sized shipyards along the Gulf Coast area.

The seaport-based labor supply company petition for a number of shipyard workers (welders, fitters, etc.) it claims are needed because their clients could not find sufficient local labor. 

The company, which has opened an office in India, usually requests, under the H-2B visa program, twice the number of aliens actually needed. 

The remainder is farmed out to other industries. The labor company has "sold" these excess "skilled" workers to other shipyards along the Gulf Coast and up the east coast to New Jersey and beyond. 

Sometimes, those brought in on H-2B visas to work at shipyards end up at the poultry plants through previous arrangement with the labor supply company. 

It will come as no surprise that one of the favored clients of this labor contractor recently announced that it is setting up a large trailer park and will import hundreds of Indian shipyard workers in the near future. 

This comes on the heels of a recent announcement that a Chinese labor company plans to import thousands of Chinese workers to be "rented" to domestic labor companies to quench the thirst of the hopelessly greedy American employer.

Spike retired in January 2005 after 35 years of service as a Border Patrol Agent and immigration inspector in Texas and the southeastern U.S.

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A New York Reader Says Poultry Processors, Construction Barons And Just About Everyone Loves Cheap Labor

From: David Brown [e-mail him]

After reading Spike, now I understand how money is made in the poultry industry.

I live in Manhattan and our apartment (Waterside Plaza) is under renovation. According to what I'm told, the entire crew was imported from Guatemala specifically for this job.

They are young and have worked overtime for more than a year. But who knows if they are paid accordingly?

All the bosses however are white. I wonder if the complex owner, billionaire real estate mogul Richard Ravitch is in on the scam. I can't help but think so.

Keep writing and exposing. Today is an ugly version of the 19th Century labor abuses all over again.

Brown's previous letter to VDARE.COM is here.

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An Illinois Reader Says "Two Wands" Is One Too Many

From: William Clough [e-mail him]

Re: Richard Lamm's Column: Two Wands: Race, "Racism" And Culture In America

Responding to Richard Lamm, the former Colorado Governor, I'd like to point out whether some illegal aliens are criminals or may turn out to be permanently poor isn't really the main immigration issue.

The biggest problem with the Mexican invasion is the millions of immigrants who replace our culture with theirs, our language with theirs, and our way of life with theirs.

I want to live in the United States—not Japan and not Mexico. Would it be all right to allow criminal aliens to overrun the country if most of them were college graduates? Not to me, it wouldn't.

Clough's previous letter to VDARE.COM is here.

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A Washington D.C. Reader Points Out Another Parallel Between Iraq And Dien Bien Phu

From: Paul Mendez [e-mail him]

Re: Pat Buchanan's Column: American Dien Bien Phu?

Buchanan missed another parallel between Iraq and Dien Bien Phu.

The original strategy to create an isolated position at Dien Bien Phu was sound.  Such airmobile interdiction operations had worked before.  And the French paratroopers were brave and proficient.

But French politicians kept expanding the scope of its operation while it cut back on resources.  The French wanted a victory on the cheap. 

Eventually, the operation morphed into something impractical even though the French military wanted to be seen as a "can-do" force.

Similarly, I think the strategy of invading Iraq to change regimes and ensure that WMDs, believed to have existed at the time, did not get into the hands of terrorists was understandable. 

But Bush expanded Iraq into democracy building and tried to do it on the cheap.  Hence the current disaster.

Mendez is an association executive and an amateur military historian.

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An Illinois Reader Congratulates VDARE.COM On Its Campaign To Keep Christmas Christian

From: Brenda Verner [e-mail her]

Re: VDARE.COM's War Against Christmas

VDARE.COM readers are keenly aware of the intensifying annual media debates we refer to as "Christmas wars." Thank you for being one of the first to bring this to the public's attention. 

Like most Americans, I am unsettled at organized attempts to de-Christianize the American public square and our national Christian celebrations.

In direct response to the coordinated anti-Christian attacks upon Christmas, I have written what I believe to be the definitive Christian answer to "Christmas wars."   

It is entitled "101 Ways To Have A Christian Christmas." The ideas offered in my book are designed for Americans and other people around the world, to present and experience a reverent Christian Christmas in your home, your family, your neighborhood, your downtown and your church. I also introduce the concept of Christian Christmas Activism.

My goal is to ensure that we have the most holy national celebration of Christmas by implementing one or more of the ideas I present. 

We can surround, envelope and overcome our anti-Christian adversaries with love throughout this December Advent.

In anticipation of great expectations for Advent 2006, I wish all readers a Christian Christmas!

Verner is also known as the "Christian Christmas Lady" Her book can be purchased through her publisher, at  Amazon, or wherever books are sold.

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