University of Denver Responds To Lamm/Brimelow Charges of Censorship; They Comment
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From:  Jim Berscheidt [e-mail him]

Re: Governor Richard Lamm's Column: Two Wands—Race, "Racism" And Culture In America

VDARE.COM recently referred to the university's community newsletter, The Source and suggested it censored Governor Richard Lamm

Here are the facts:

The Source, like university employee publications nationwide, exists to share news about school programs and the accomplishments of students and faculty with members of the university community. Most internal newsletters do not carry opinion articles.

In late 2002 and early 2003, the Source staff launched a pilot program to evaluate an opinion column called "Perspectives." The pilot program ended in May 2003 with a decision not to continue the column beyond the six previously solicited articles. Lamm was not solicited for the pilot program.

The purpose of this monthly feature was to showcase the faculty and staff's wide range of informed opinions on a variety of topics. It was never intended to be a "point-counterpoint" format.

Lamm's claim that he was censored is patently untrue. Quite the contrary—the University of Denver offered Lamm two viable options for publishing his article in DU print or electronic publications, yet he continues to charge DU with "censorship."

Anyone who reads Colorado newspapers, watches television or listens to the radio knows that the University of Denver enthusiastically sponsors open public forums embracing all viewpoints.

Lamm himself received university funding to discuss the cultural issues he raised in his article. Our acclaimed "Bridges to the Future" series, now entering its fifth year, has tackled issues from the perspectives of the right and the left, and through the point of view of the world's several major religions.

Our invited guests have included such diverse thinkers as George Will, Robert Reich, Karen Hughes, Alan Simpson, Federico Pena, Michael Moore, Gordon Hinckley, Colorado Gov. Bill Owens, Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper, and Bill Bennett.

Jim Berscheidt is Assistant Vice Chancellor, News and Public Affairs, University of Denver

Peter Brimelow writes: Governor Lamm says: "The intellectual dishonesty of D. U.  staggers the imagination. Carol Farnsworth who is in charge of The Source specifically told me that the piece was 'too controversial.' Those are her exact words. When I went to the Provost, who is now our Chancellor, to complain, he specifically said to me 'well, it is rather controversial.' Exact words. The University of Denver not only censored me, but now lies about it."

I am still curious to know why D.U. professional multiicultist Jesus Trevino [send him mail] refused Lamm permission to reprint the article to which Lamm's book is an answer. Assistant Vice Chancellor Berscheidt tells me

"As to Mr. Trevino, I don't have that answer. He would have dealt with that directly since it was his writing."

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