An Israeli Reader Asks What VDARE.COM Expects Regarding Immigration
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From: Hanah (e-mail her)

I've been reading VDARE.COM for several years and I sympathize with your concerns about where the US is headed.

As a foreigner (Israeli) living in your country, I would like to offer my perspective.

The US is not a nation-state; it has been decades since it was a homogenous country with a unified culture and population.

America—or at least your government—has made itself into a global country that requires no allegiance from anyone and where the only value of American citizenship is the ability to get paid in dollars.

I know many people including my cousin, my boyfriend, and many friends, who have gone to work (without documents) in the US for a few months, cleaning carpets or moving or selling things in stalls in the malls.

No one I know has ever been arrested, and all say it's been a good experience, an opportunity to see America and make some money.

My point with all of this is what do you people expect?

You have turned your country into the world's first global nation where ethnic and cultural assimilation is optional, and where the only benefits to citizenship are income and being able to travel with an American passport.

And yet you blame people for coming to the US and not wanting to assimilate?

Why would they want that, when your government tells them that there is nothing to assimilate into?

And really, there isn't.

America has been reduced nothing more than a land without a people, but with many separate groups using the system for their own needs.

Americans talk about nation-building in Iraq (a foolish, naive notion), when you should be investing your resources in nation-building at home.

The way things are now, you have no nation, no common culture, just a bureaucratic system that exists to offer people benefits.

Joe Guzzardi replies: The important point made by Hanah is that Americans have had immigration and globalism imposed on them from above. We don't expect different results from the system in place. We do, however, rebel against it and our columns are intended to raise awareness and rally people into action to return America to its rightful owners.

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