A Texas Reader Analyzes Bush's Next Choice Of Home
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From: Roger Chaillet (e-mail him)

In my February letter to VDARE.COM, I predicted that, despite what he might say, George Bush would not move to West Dallas. [Contrary to NY Gossip Report, Bushes Are Still House-Hunting, Dallas Agent Says, By Jessica Meyers, Dallas Morning News, September 23, 2008]

Bush will, in fact, eventually live in Preston Hollow, a neighborhood that is poles apart from West Dallas. In fact, it might as well be on another planet.

Here's one real estate agency's description:

"Sweeping manicured lawns, private tree-lined entrances and secluded estates amid nature's raw beauty are hallmarks of the Preston Hollow area of Dallas. In fact, this elite community is the embodiment of luxury living at its finest with homes that look like palaces or replicas of chateaus from Champagne and Burgundy in France."

This "neighborhood" just north of the Park Cities is one of the most affluent—read "whitest"—areas of Texas. Not your basic starter home in flyover country.  Even a million bucks barely buys you a tear-down.  No mortgage crisis here—unlike Detroit

However, Preston Hollow is close to the Mexican consulate. 

Now I know realize why Bush is so overly fond of the Mexican oligarchy.  

He's a part of it.

Chaillet was the winner of the 2003 VDARE.COM War Against Christmas competition. His previous letters are archived here.

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