An Irish Reader Writes To Accuse Us Of Being "Putin’s American Supporters"
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Re: James Fulford's column “The Frito Bandito Prize”–Reverse Assimilation And The Case Of Edward Roybal

From: Michael Kenny [Email him]

James Fulford writes:

[I]n 1975 , Leftist Democratic Congressmen voted to cut off aid to the Republic Of Vietnam (i.e. South Vietnam) with the intention of causing them to lose the war, thus betraying the Vietnamese government, its Army, and a significant part of their civilian population to their deaths. See James Webb's 2003 article "Sleeping With The Enemy" for details, as well as Editor Peter Brimelow's articles here and here.
What I found interesting about what was done to South Vietnam in 1975 is the parallel to what Putin’s American supporters, including people who write on, are trying to do to Ukraine and NATO. It’s the same process: hamstring the US so that Putin will be allowed to win.

The difference is that nowadays, the attempt is coming not from the left of the political spectrum but from the “alt-right” and its financial backers. Admittedly, the “alt-right” seems to be pretty much Leninist in its ideology but it pretends to be “conservative”.

See earlier, equally misguided letters, from Michael Kenny.

James Fulford writes: The cases aren't parallel at all, partly because it's 2017, and Russia is no longer the Soviet Union.

The US was committed to defend Vietnam until suddenly it wasn't, but has specifically not committed to defend Ukraine from Russia, because that would be stupid.

Here at we're not Putin supporters, but critics of the people who hate him and want to embroil the US in conflict with Russia.

As for our "financial backers", we don't really have any of the kind Mr. Kenny means. (He previously suggested we got "neocon funding".)

However, we are running a campaign to raise funds to keep us in business. Readers, including Mr. Kenny, are invited to donate.

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