A Reader Writes On Automation And Its Discontents
May 24, 2017, 06:23 PM
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Re: James Kirkpatrick's Automation + Immigration = White Identitarianism. Have Our Rulers Really Thought This Through?

From: Jeremy Dunn [Email him]

I find the VDARE.com acknowledgement of automation as a looming problem prescient but I think the average reader is getting the wrong impression if they believe that stopping immigration and deporting illegals will solve the problem. If you have a hole in your lifeboat and you chuck out the illegals your boat will still sink albeit at a slower rate. Automation will not replace all workers because it will choke itself off.

When substantial numbers of jobs disappear so will the income that businesses receive from consumers and they will become less and less able to invest in automation. What will occur is that a balance will be achieved where the population of workers is reduced to the minimal amount needed to provide the minimal amount of consumerism to keep things afloat.

The economy will move to a dangerous condition where it will be riding along a thin line—kind of like driving a car to work with hopefully just the right amount of gas to get you there and back - and no gas gauge to help you!

A basic income will be seriously discussed and the wealthy business owners will be going frantic using all of their power to influence politicians to not enact it. I personally think some very ugly times are coming.

James Fulford writes: The problems of dealing with workers displaced by automation will be much easier to deal with the more homogeneous the country is—and the fewer unskilled immigrants there are living in it.


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