A Reader Writes To Encourage Overpass Activism And Cheap Highway Signs
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Re: A Reader Reports Some Grassroots Overpass Activism–Which Made Leftists Lie To Police

From: Delmar Jackson [Email him]

I love what reader Ed Hunter is doing with his highway signs.

I think making and placing highway signs is action people can take that is much more effective than people realize.

I wish more people would do it.

I have been writing to you for several years.

I may have submitted the following before but in case I have not, here is a link to a video that shows how simple and cheap it is to make signs to use on the highways for almost nothing: FREEWAYBLOGGER; How to Reach 100,000 People for Less Than $1

Ignore the liberal focus of the videomaker. A decent overhead projector can be bought on craigslist or eBay for $30 and then your only cost would be paint and scrap cardboard and maybe a bail bondsman to get you out of jail.

Thanks for fighting!

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