A Mexican-American Applauds An American In Mexico
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02/05/07 - A Reader Says "Fair Is Fair—And Illegal Isn't Fair."

From: A Mexican-American Social Worker [Name Withheld To Protect His Job]

Re: Allan Wall

First and foremost, let me thank Allan Wall for his honesty and great courage. Today I came across VDARE.COM quite by accident, but was pleased with what I observed.

I am an American living in Northern California. I have a wife who was born in Chihuahua, Mexico, she came here as a young girl, and is completely bilingual, as am I. I was born in California as a 5th generation Mexican-American. My parents do not speak Spanish, therefore I am not a native speaker, but I learned Spanish in school.

I am a social worker, employed by the County Human Services Agency. I am not a racist, nor am I a "Hater of Mexicans"—it is my heritage.

I have been a social worker for 23 years, and remember Prop 187.

In my time here, I have grown increasingly frustrated. I cannot believe how our broken system is taken advantage of by the large influx of immigrants.

Billions of dollars are distributed to immigrants, many of them illegal!! YES, "undocumented" people.

EVERY welfare agency in the United States is considered a "non-reporting agency" This means, that every applicant/recipient of public welfare programs has the right to apply and receive benefits with dignity, respect and CONFIDENTIALITY.

We are forbidden to breach these "rights". When a family of seven undocumented immigrants applies for welfare, and openly admits to having fake immigration cards (I-551) we CANNOT call the INS office and report them.

For years, we have flooded the illegal community with taxpayer dollars. Cash, food stamps, and Medicaid benefits equating to BILLIONS of dollars. California even has the CAPI Program (Cash Assistance program For Immigrants)

I can tell you of countless situations where the system continues encourage people to immigrate here illegally. We give automatic citizenship to children born to undocumented parents. Free money, free training, and free education. When I went to college, because of my Latin surname, I was offered fabulous grant opportunities designed for children of migrant farm workers.  It's incredible!

The administrative cost alone to hire bilingual employees, pay them bilingual pay, have them prepare non-English forms in language is millions in California alone.

Because some of the other countries lack welfare systems, and individuals have no "entitlement" rights, they come here to rape our system. I have worked with many Senators, Congressmen/women who are afraid to tackle the issue for fear of being tagged as "anti-immigrant" It's all about the vote…

I have a colleague at the local Social Security office who shared with me this tidbit: Any legal immigrant who lives here for 5 years, and is 65 years of age, can apply for Social Security Benefits. They will be denied SS benefits, due to not paying into the system, but will receive SSI benefits equaling $700.00 each. Per couple $1400.00 !!

Most often what happens is this: They come to the US to live (age 60 well-planned out) with an adult child that is here legally. The adult child agrees to sponsor them, then conveniently in five years claims to be a hardship situation and can no longer sponsor them. Because they are now 65, they can apply for SS benefits. My colleague reports that many of these people only keep a few hundred dollars, give some to the adult child for living cost, but send hundreds back "home" for support of other family members!

I have been to Mexico many times...The rich are rich, and the poor are poor. No social benefits, no pity, no mercy, no liability suits (very hard to prove there) no rights to protest poor living conditions. "You want that...go to the United States, those fools are afraid to be viewed as 'heartless' and will give us the shirts off their backs...after all that's their nature. If they deny us, we can sue for discrimination." I have heard this!

Fortunately I was raised to be an American, and love my country, not to hold on to the fact that my ancestry was from Mexico, and maintain allegiance to Mexico.

Can you imagine Americans living in Mexico, marching down the streets, demanding English speaking schools, property rights, welfare benefits with forms in English and English-speaking workers, college grants for immigrants ? You'd be shot, put in jail, or deported. No que no?

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