A Native American Says Immigrants Are "Indigenous" For Health Care Purposes
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From: Ryan Kennedy [Send him mail]

Re: Memo From Mexico: Why Mexican Hospital Emergency Rooms Aren't Swamped, by Allan Wall

Re: Up here in Alaska my family uses the Indian health service because we are part native Alaskan. Unlike in the rest of the US, the quality of Indian health service care here is quite good, and it's totally free to us Injuns.

But guess what? Samoans, Hawaiians and other Polynesians are given free health care here too. Under the "reasoning" that Polynesians are indigenous and so should get the same benefits as Indians. So the US government is discriminating in favor of people who often are not even from a US state, and sometimes not even from US territory. They're often from the independent country of Samoa.  And no one ever comments on it! The press totally ignores it.

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