A New York Reader Reveals a Creative Twist On A Little Known Scam
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Re: Today's Letter: A Census Bureau Employee Adds SSI To SS

I have two legal immigrant acquaintances that told me that they both brought their parents here from Russia on family visas. But then they had them apply for Supplementary Security Income as indigent seniors while they awaited their citizenship.

Once their SSI was approved, the scam artists smuggled their parents across the Canadian border for a flight home.

They're retired in Russia, collect cash from the U.S., and in five years they'll come back to get their passports and apply for more benefits.

Multiply these two incidents by all the legals, illegals, anchor babies, welfare fraud and so on, and you'll see this is economic warfare which will eventually bankrupt us and put us in the Third World.

On a happier note, I commend VDARE.COM for having the guts to post columns and letters that support America. I salute you for that bravery. 

The writer lives in Queens, New York that he describes as "a hellhole of illegal aliens."

Joe Guzzardi comments: SSI is the ne plus ultra of immigration scams. Hardly anyone knows that legal immigrants can arrive in the U.S. and without having worked a day in America or without being able to speak a word of English can apply for and will most likely receive SSI benefits

SSI mostly goes to the elderly…even though they got old in another country and have U.S. sponsors who vouched for their care. But for the creative, age is no barrier. Perhaps you are disabled, mentally or physically; perhaps you have a disabled child who qualifies, etc

Really, the only limitation to tapping into SSI is the applicant's imagination.

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