A Reader Says Bordergate May Be Bigger Than Watergate
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02/21/07 - An Indian-American Reader Says SSI Treats Legal Immigrants Worse Than Illegals

From:  A Reader

Since the day this story surfaced, I have been of the belief that Ramos/Compean were/are destined to serve a greater purpose.  Just as Bernstein and Woodward were revered as heroes for uncovering the corruption in the Nixon administration, I truly believe that Ramos and Compean will soon enjoy this same status.

Besides Lou Dobbs, Glenn Beck is relentless in his reporting on the injustices surrounding this case.

John Walsh, America's Most Wanted, is also to be commended for his coverage.

Within a few months, my hope is that you will be writing an article describing the trials of Sutton et al, Gonzalez, Chertoff, and the impeachment of GWB.  Watergate pales in comparison to the facts surrounding the cover-up of the prosecution of Ramos and Compean.

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