A Texas Reader Says Well Fargo Opens Accounts For Aliens—But Not For His American Children
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From: Don Reynolds (e-mail him)

Re: Brenda Walker's Column: Latest Treason Lobby Scam: "Undocumented" = "Unbanked"

I went to Wells Fargo Bank to open joint savings accounts for my minor children so I could send them money. Wells Fargo, of course, is probably the most illegal alien friendly bank in the US, except possibly for Bank of America.

I had my kid's birthdays and social security numbers, full names and all the particulars. But Wells Fargo refused to open the accounts. 

The bank administrators said my kids would have to come in and personally identify themselves in order for me, their natural father, to open accounts for them. All of my children are American citizens and both of their parents are American citizens, everyone is native-born.

Yet, the Wells Fargo liars claim that Homeland Security and the Treasury Departments will not allow them to open accounts for my kids, even though I have done this before when they were younger.

I have joint custody of my kids and this is the only way I can get money to them without it being hijacked by my ex-wife. Sadly, there is no solution for my kids, who have been taken out of state by my ex wife, to avoid the jurisdiction of the Texas courts.

How can Well Fargo open bank accounts for illegal aliens when they claim they cannot open an account for my American-born children? My kids all have social security numbers and birth certificates, but still no taco.

Reynolds is a city planner and economist. His previous letters about bias in journalism, the U.S. enemy identification problems and the folly of a third party are here, here and here.

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