A Veteran Immigration Reform Reader Says "No!" To Third Parties
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12/30/06 - A Reader Says Front-Loaded GOP Primaries Mean An Immigration Reform Third Party Should Start NOW!

From: Don Reynolds

Re: A Reader Says Front-Loaded GOP Primaries Mean An Immigration Reform Third Party Should Start NOW!

There is no American more opposed to the invasion by illegal aliens than myself. I have been screaming about the threat, largely realized, since well before the 1986 amnesty.

However, the worst thing that could happen to this country would be to strip both major parties of all such voices and crowd them into a third party. Take these people out of the two major parties and BOTH major parties will ignore the issue altogether.

Unless you have been drinking untaxed liquor or smoking some illegal weed, no one can seriously imagine any third party based on immigration reform to beat both major parties at the polls. We do not need to separate from the political processes of the major parties, we need to participate with even more gusto. Do not let the pro-illegal alien lobby control the two major parties.

Long before the battle at the ballot box, we need to win the battle for one, or both, major political parties. It seems apparent to me, given the disposition of both parties today, that the party best prepared to carry on the fight against the invasion of illegal aliens will be Republican. (No real comfort to me as a life-long Democrat.)

Incidentally, we do not need immigration reform any more than we need an immigration reform party. We need vigorous enforcement of the immigration laws currently on the books, the ONLY job that Americans (the Bush Administration) simply refuse to do.

By the time the political process can get around to taking direct action to rid this nation of cockroaches, the coming economic recession will do that job for us, by drying up the jobs for illegal aliens. If the recession is long enough and deep enough, many of the illegals will voluntarily self-deport. That is not to say we should not do everything possible to encourage them on their return trip. Tally ho!

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