A Deceased Vietnam Vet's Brother Says McCain "Turns His Back" On Veterans
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From: Mike Vishniakoff (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Blog: Memo To McCain: Don't Count Your Pollos Before They Hatch

Although I am not a Vietnam veteran, my late brother was. He died in the early 1970s from injuries sustained during combat.

In my letter, I speak for him.

Although he would like voters to believe otherwise, McCain has turned his back on Vietnam veterans many times, once when he supported the 1990 Reconciliation Act that limited or denied medical treatment to veterans who had substance abuse issues. 

I have always wondered if McCain's U.S. Senate insurance paid for his wife Cindy's treatment for her addiction to painkillers incurred after her surgery? [Wife of Prez Hopeful McCain Has Weathered Drug Addiction, Miscarriages—and John, By Richard Shapiro, Daily News, June 18, 2007] 

And I question too how McCain, who placed at the bottom of his Annapolis class, turned into a fighter pilot. Just a coincidence, I suppose, that McCain's father and grandfather were both Navy Rear Admirals. 

Vishniakoff, an accounting student in California, wrote previously about why reconquistas will not learn English. Read his letter here.

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