An Arizona Reader Calls The Well Fargo Bank "Racist"
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07/17/06 - A California Reader Wonders Why Illegal Aliens Are Living In Government Subsidized Housing

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Re: A Wells Fargo Executive Calls His Employer Diversity-Crazed and Another Wells Fargo Employee Says The Bank Aids and Abets Illegal Aliens

Two years ago, I opened an account with Wells Fargo in Tucson.

The obvious racism and anti-American attitude at my branch is blatant.

They pander in rude, careless ways. While we wait in line to give them money, tellers rattle off endless small talk in Spanish. Wells Fargo is a racist, arrogant, dishonest mess.

I have stood in line dozens of times wishing that someone would videotape the preferences given to Hispanic customers.

Most of my life, I have been a financially poor Republican. But I used to respect the rich because I come from Michigan where many of the wealthiest gave back to the their local communities and to the state.

But today's rich prey on Americans.

It's time to call a halt to what goes on at Wells Fargo and so many other major US corporations where American's rights have become the least of anyone's concerns.

Joe Guzzardi comments: A California reader has started a valuable website aimed at exposing the Wells Fargo Bank and its practices. See it here.

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