A Texas Reader Says The United States Has An "Enemy Identification Problem"
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From:  Don Reynolds [e-mail him]

If we measure risk against our nation in terms of dead Americans, obviously illegal aliens are our biggest threat.

According to U.S. Rep Steve King (R-IA), twenty-five Americans are killed every day since 9/11 by illegal aliens, mostly Mexicans.

Drunken drivers kill thirteen and twelve die by beatings, stabbings and shootings. (VDARE.COM note: Some dispute this statistic. Read an example here. However, even if King's numbers are off by a factor of two, the numbers remain staggering.)

This means the total killed by aliens since 9/11 exceeds 35,000. Compare that figure to the numbers of dead Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Obviously, we have lost our sense of proportion

We spend billions to fight the "War on Terror" but continue to invite attacks by illegal aliens. We have a problem with "enemy identification".

Reynolds is a city planner and economist. He reports that three Mexicans murdered his cousin, Robin Cloud of El Paso, for her car later sold in Mexico. Nearly every bone in her body was broken when they pulled her from the canal days later. Robin had been a jockey and horse trainer.

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