How to Fight Back Against Wells Fargo
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A North Carolina reader sends this message about how to fight back against Wells Fargo and similar companies that cater to illegal aliens.

I read the letter posted by an individual holding himself out to be a high level Wells Fargo employee on Vdare. People in this country are wising up to the unpatriotic and wholly non-nationalistic mentality of corporate America. I rank Wells Fargo right on up there with Western Union and Tyson Foods.

What is the annual dollar value of conforming mortages originated by Wells Fargo (and then sold in or made eligible for sale in Federally subsidized/insured secondary markets) for the benefit of illegal immigrant home buyers for whom Wells-Fargo loan officers have massaged the HUD and Fannie Mae forms and/or made other extraordinary exceptions to and deviations from traditional standard mortgage loan application processing procedures?

What is the annual dollar volume of personal banking account activity that Wells-Fargo engages in that is keyed to an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number rather than just a plain old Social Security number like most of us citizens and legal residents use to conduct our banking business with?

How many forms, pamphlets, banners, and advertising packages does Wells Fargo have for use in the USA that are redacted in a foreign language?

Does a customer have to "Dial One" for service in English or 2 for Spanish to operate Wells Fargo ATMs and other key pads? Wells Fargo, to be fair, is only one of many large regional and national financial services companies that routinely engage in questionable business practices in this vein.

The types of questions asked in the preceeding paragraph are the types of questions real patriots should be asking themselves every time they do business with businesses in this country.

The banking/financial services industry is one in which there is an abundance of consumer choices. A small hometown bank can be very competitive on most counts with all of the regional and national mega banks. Most small banks are not inclined to cater to illegal immigrants with foreign language literature, bilingual tellers and officers and the like.

Another very important benefit of exercising this consumer choice: Small hometown banks typically don't have data processing and customer service phone centers in Bangalore, India where third world foreigners are accessing your social security numbers and other personal information.

Hometown banks typically don't hire H1-B Visa holders to work stateside either. THEY HIRE LOCAL PEOPLE WITH REAL IDs! They hire people who are within the reach of local law enforcement and local civil courts should bank personnel wrong you as a consumer.

The banking industry is truly a vulnerable one where a "Vote of no confidence" can be easily exercised en masse at most any time by MILLIONS of consumers. Imagine the shift of tectonic proportions on Wall Street if millions of Americans closed or reduced their accounts to minimum balances at the megabanks with all their bilingual signage and pamphlets and just moved the bulk of their business to the small hometown bank.

And when you go in to open your new accounts, you'll probably find that you can get a persoanl word in with a Senior VP and maybe the president.

Take the opportunity to clearly articulate why his bank is getting your business.

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