A Minnesota Reader Says Ethiopians Aren't Adapting Either
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Re: Patrick Cleburne's Blog: Somalis: America Should Adapt To Us

From: Cassandra Kyser (e-mail her)

African immigrants from countries other than Somalia are not showing much flexibility either when it comes to adapting to American ways.

My 5 month-old-son briefly attended an Ethiopian-run daycare center.

The owner, Etenesh, was a friendly, grandmother type.

When we first met, she was quick to point out that she was "not an African American", but an Ethiopian immigrant  who  had worked in daycare centers for several years and had just opened her own licensed business.

But I immediately encountered problems.

When my son couldn't nap while the television blared and older children played loudly in the same room, Etenesh deemed him "noise intolerant"

I suppose televisions blaring and children screaming is mild nothing, compared to the 75 percent of children in parts of Ethiopia

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