A Texas Reader Says The New York Times Wants More Islamic Immigration To Europe Because Of…The Holocaust!
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From: George Weinbaum (e-mail him)

Noah Feldman, who teaches law at Harvard and is a fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, wrote an obscene piece for the New York Times Magazine that hits a new journalistic low.[The Way We Live Now: The New Pariahs? By Noah Feldman, New York Times Magazine, June 22, 2008]

Feldman [Email him] writes:

"No country is wholly free of anti-immigrant prejudice. ... But in many Western European countries today, something new and insidious seems to be happening. The familiar old arguments against immigrants ... are mutating into an anti-Islamic bias that is becoming institutionalized in the continent's otherwise ordinary politics".

My comment: Bias? Does Noah Feldman know how many Moslems in Europe want to extend Sharia to the Dar al'Harb of Europe? Does Feldman even know what Dar al'Harb means?


"What is so striking about these forms of prejudice ... is that they are taking root in otherwise enlightened, progressive states—states where the memory of the Holocaust has often led to the adoption of laws against anti-Semitism and racism".

If you disagree with Feldman, you are unenlightened. Then, call me unenlightened. Invoking the memory of the Holocaust to make it appear one is brewing against Moslems in Europe ludicrous.


"Yet it must be remembered that Europe has also suffered homegrown terrorist attacks."

So what? That statement is misleading and even if it weren't, it would hardly be an argument to bring in more people who might be given to terrorism.


"But hostility to Eastern European migrants, though real enough, still does not run as deep as corresponding hostility to Muslims."

Feldman is ignorant. Does he even know what percentage of European violent crime Moslem's perpetrate? The learned professor would have us believe Europeans cannot see what is plainly to be seen. What percentage of rapes in say, Sweden, is done by Moslems?


"Nevertheless, a hallmark of liberal, secular societies is supposed to be respect for different cultures, including traditional, religious cultures—even intolerant ones".

"This leaves another more controversial explanation for anti-Muslim attitudes in Europe: even after 60 years [after] the Holocaust, Europeans are not convinced that culturally and religiously different immigrants should be treated as full members so society". 

Should Europe encourage the settlement of people many of whom wish to overturn the basis of European society while fraying the European social welfare safety net as welfare recipients and who see this as their right because of the tax known as "jizya"?

I challenge Feldman to name one predominantly Moslem country in which one would not be harassed, or possibly executed, for walking down the street wearing a Star of David or a crucifix?

Let Feldman carry a placard with his name on it in six-inch high letters and march through a Paris banlieu or in any predominantly Moslem country.

At the least, he'd be harassed; at the worst, his life would be at risk.

Weinbaum is a Certified Public Accountant. His previous letters, many about the equally outrageous immigration reporting in the Houston Chronicle, are archived here.

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